National Oyster Day: 5 oyster facts that you should know


On National Oyster Day, do you know these five oyster facts? Some of these interesting pieces of information that you may not know.

National Oyster Day is the perfect occasion to talk about the sometimes misunderstood oysters. While some people just think of this seafood as an aphrodisiac, oysters are so much more. Whether you enjoy them raw, Rockefeller or on a po boy, oysters can be the flavorful food that anyone can learn to appreciate.

Oysters have a lot of vitamins and nutrients. While people can debate the “aphrodisiac” label, oysters are rich in vitamin B12, zinc, calcium and several other vitamins and minerals. They also contain “good fat.” These nutrients can help with stamina, digestion and other health components. Maybe that is why people feel more energized after eating oysters.

National Oyster Day specials, photo provided by Torali, Italian – Steak

Also, oysters have many flavors. Since oysters get their flavors from their environments, each type of oyster can have a very different flavor. From bright and briny to sweet and fruity, each type of oyster can taste different. With this scenario in mind, you might want to try different types of oysters to see which ones you like better.

Even though oysters taste differently, oysters can be traced back to just five species. While the oysters grow in different waterways, the biggest difference is their shells. From fine ridges to round shells, each style denotes a different origin of oyster. Over time, with the cultivation of oysters, the variations of the five original species grew.

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  • While oysters are now considered a delicacy, they have been cultivated and eaten for thousands of years. First considered a working man’s food, oysters were previously more plentiful. These marine creatures are important to the eco-system since they filter water. Without oysters, the waterways would could be out of balance.

    Lastly, oysters can be paired with all types of beverages. While wine or sparkling wine is a common pairing, liquor can be a more adventurous choice. For example, some people recommend pairing oysters and absinthe. The herbaceous qualities of absinthe can highlight the briny flavors of an oyster. If you have never tried this pairing, it is a must try on National Oyster Day.

    Since the oyster holiday is a perfect excuse to enjoy a few or a few dozen, these restaurants will be offering a few oyster specials.


    At the River North restaurant, both east and west coast oysters will be just $1 for the food holiday. For the classic pairing, the restaurant will offer bubbly pairings at a special price. How many oysters will you eat?

    Torali, Italian – Steak

    Both The Café and on the Rooftop at Torali will be offering $1 oysters for the holiday. Why not bring a group to share a couple dozen on a sunny afternoon.

    Juniper Spirits & Oysters

    How many oysters can you eat? Juniper Spirits & Oysters is celebrating the food holiday with all you can eat oysters. For just $35, guests can enjoy bottomless fresh market oysters. How many can you slurp?

    Terralina Crafted Italian, a taste of Italy's coast. dark. Next

    Will you be celebrating National Oyster Day? What’s your favorite way to enjoy oysters?