New DoorDash services: More options for bringing favorite restaurants to your table


New DoorDash services give customers the chance to bring their favorite restaurant food to their home table. From unlimited delivery to pick-up, great food is a click away.

The just announced new DoorDash services can turn your home dinner table into your favorite restaurant. Sometimes cooking at home isn’t a possibility. Busy schedules can make grocery shopping and cooking hard. After a long day, you might just want to have the food ready when you want to eat.

Even with busy schedules, sometimes you want to eat in the comfort of your own home. Maybe you need to binge watch those episodes of Orange Is The New Black or you really want to eat in your pajamas. On those days when you’re craving your favorite ramen or that big juicy burger, there is an option to bring it directly to your table.

New DoorDash services, photo provided by DoorDash

DoorDash connects consumers with their favorite restaurants. The on-demand service offers thousands of restaurants for food delivery. In just a push of a button, those favorite restaurant dishes can be enjoyed from the comfort of your couch (don’t worry we all do it).

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Building on its successful platform, the new DoorDash services give consumers even more reasons to keep that app on the front page of their smart phones. Now the company offers DashPass and Pickup. The two new services make to-go food even more convenient.

DashPass is a monthly subscription service that gives subscribers “unlimited access to thousands of the best local and national restaurants.” On orders of $15 or more, the delivery fee is free. While the monthly subscription cost is $9.99, the frequent DoorDash user can easily recoup that monthly fee in a few orders.

The DashPass option is for the regular DoorDash consumer. If you order from the app more than twice a month, this subscription option is definitely a smart choice. It isn’t certain if this subscription service would make you order more food deliveries. Still, it is a good benefit for DoorDash loyalists.

As a busy mom, the Pickup option is going to be a huge timesaver in our busy family. The Pickup option basically allows me to cut the pickup line at our favorite restaurant. By simply ordering through the app, I can have the food waiting for me when I drive up to the restaurant.

New DoorDash services, photo provided by DoorDash

Anyone who has a car filled with hungry children at the end of the day knows that waiting for food pickup can be a nightmare. Hungry and impatient children can make the best mom wish for a bottle of wine. This particular service is a perfect solution for any busy household.

Of course, the Pickup option isn’t just for dinner. No one likes to wait for their morning coffee and bagel. This same service can have that caffeine fix waiting for you on the way to work. This new DoorDash service is definitely a bonus for both consumers and restaurants.

As restaurants look to new ways to maximize revenue, this type of on-the-go ordering helps a restaurant’s revenue. In today’s society, no one likes waiting. How often have you left a Starbucks line because it was 10 people deep? The same can be said for your local pizza restaurant on a Friday night.

A busy restaurant is a good thing, but a company doesn’t want customers to leave either. With these expanded DoorDash services, the restaurant can keep a restaurant busy and service more customers. It is a win for both parties.

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Will you consider the new DoorDash services? We will be trying the DoorDash pickup option on Friday night. Our favorite local pizza, a glass of wine and my couch are just the way to end a busy week.