Snow Monkey: Indulge in healthy ice treats packed with flavor and protein


Searching for a healthy ice cream option packed with flavor and protein? Snow Monkey is here to help you indulge!

Nowadays, there’s more than just regular ice cream available. The ice cream dessert market has expanded to cover sugar-free, vegan, and dairy-free ice treats! And now, the brand Snow Monkey is here to please all health conscious ice cream fans! Enter Snow Monkey’s Superfood ice treats.

FoodSided had the chance to try all their flavors and are here to give you the scoop on the healthy brand…

More than just ice cream, Snow Monkey’s frozen treats are packed with 21 grams of protein per pint, are nut-free, gluten-free, and, of course, vegan. Most of its flavors are also sugar-free, so one serving will not leave you feeling sluggish as regular ice cream does. Instead, you’ll feel a boost of energy.

Our favorites are Goji Berry and Passion Fruit. 

Snow Monkey Ice Treats, photo via Sandy Casanova

The Goji Berry is perfect on its own on a cup or cone. We also added a scoop to the blender to make a delicious smoothie! The Passion Fruit, however, is a bit too sour if you’re used to expecting a sweet taste. What we found Passion Fruit works best in are smoothies. Mix it up with your favorite fruits and/or veggies to tone down the tart taste.

Summer is coming to a close soon, so once you’re in the holiday spirit, try the Cinnamon flavor! It has a strong cinnamon taste that feels just like Christmas.

The Matcha Green Tea is a bit too chalky for me. Unless I can think of a way to add it to a smoothie, I couldn’t eat this on its own. Finally, the Cacao treat is smooth and tastes just like dark chocolate — minus any sugar. It also reminds me of a diet-snack. If you simply can’t have chocolate without the sweetness, this isn’t the flavor for you.

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Visit Snow Monkey online to find a retailer near you, and check them out on Twitter @EatSnowMonkey!