It is possible, IMPOSSIBLE Burger is coming to Epcot Food and Wine


With Epcot Food and Wine Festival opening this week, everyone, not just foodies, will be lining up to taste the IMPOSSIBLE Burger. Will you try the food trend?

One of the new dishes coming to this year’s Epcot Food and Wine Festival is the IMPOSSIBLE Burger. This plant-based meat alternative is taking over burger buns across the country. While this Epcot festival tries to get guests to sample new foods, can this burger entice those hungry guests?

With numerous marketplaces and food options, Epcot is thinking that the IMPOSSIBLE Burger will draw people to taste popular food trend. One of the draws about this plant-based burger is that the patty bleeds, like a traditional red meat burger. While this fact is true, the dish needs to be more than just a burger on a bun.

According to Epcot, the new dish will be featured at the Earth Eats market place. Additional details regarding the plate are unclear. Most likely, the dish won’t feature a bacon jam or other meat condiment on the dish.

Since I have had this plant based burger in various dishes, it works best with big, bold flavors. A plain bun with some lettuce, tomato and ketchup doesn’t do the burger justice. It needs some bold sauces, complex toppings and a substantial bun. Hopefully, Epcot chefs do it justice.

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  • It will be interesting to see if this food festival dish will become a permanent feature on a Disney menu. As a plant based alternative food, this option is better than a black bean burger or other soy burgers. Hopefully, guests will voice their approval or disapproval of this menu item.

    Adding plant based alternatives to theme park menus is smart for business. So many people, not just vegetarians, are wanting these options. Sometimes food choices and variety are important to keep dishes interesting.

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    Would you make a point to try the IMPOSSIBLE Burger at Epcot Food and Wine Festival? What do you think of these plant based alternative meats?