Would you rather give up pumpkin spice lattes or Instagram?


Yes, pumpkin spice lattes have taken over. But, is that PSL obsession more important than your Instagram feed?

Have you had your fill of pumpkin spice lattes yet? Even as Starbucks and other beverage companies brought back the fall favorite super early, people can’t get enough of these beverages. While the temperatures outside might still conjure frozen cocktails and refreshing spritzs, the PSL is here to stay.

With so many people obsessed with that PSL, it seems that the popular favor has taken over everywhere. In addition to the favorite beverage, breads, cereals and even beer has that warm, comforting spice with an underlying pumpkin flavor. Truthfully, wherever you look that fall flavor is invading your daily routine.

Since this fall flavor is everyone, The Tylt, largest and fastest growing social polling and opinion platform amongst millennials, set out to see just how important that PSL fix is to everyone. According to their recent survey, 51.7% of millennials would rather give up their Instagram account than sacrifice their PSL fix. And, almost 72% of millennials want the drink available all year.

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  • It is quite curious that this particular drink has people quite obsessed. The flavor isn’t something that is totally original. The pumpkin spice flavor has been in pies forever. The combination of pie spices and nutmeg is comforting. Still, it is just a latte.

    No other beverage seems to have such a cult like following. People don’t eagerly anticipate the first tapping of a summer shandy or the first barrel of your favorite cabernet. While many people crave that coffee, this particular flavor yearning is more than a caffeine fix.

    Could there be something in that PSL flavor profile that cause people to obsess over this annual beverage offering? While a specific ingredient may not be a trigger, the feeling of nostalgia could contribute to the craving. That PSL aroma can be reminiscent of holiday gatherings around the table with family and loved ones. There is a sense of comfort associated with that particular smell. People are bringing back happy moments with every PSL sip.

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    Would you give up Instagram or your pumpkin spice lattes for a month? Personally, I can pass on the PSL, but I like my coffee black.