Celebrate National Great American Pot Pie Day with 5 pound pot pie


Do you love pot pie? Get that oven ready for National Great American Pot Pie Day celebrations on September 23.

As the crisp fall nights descend on this month, pot pie season is just around the corner. On September 23, National Great American Pot Pie Day celebrates that satisfying, comforting dish. Since making a pot pie from scratch might be intimidating, a store bought option can be a great idea.

A pot pie can be a delicious, comforting bite, especially during the cool fall and winter months. The perfect combination of a flaky crust, creamy sauce, big chunks of chicken and flavorful vegetables can make your taste buds sing. While some people make this delicious meal from scratch, it can be labor intensive.

Luckily, Sam’s Club is offering pot pie fans an easy option to celebrate National Great American Pot Pie Day. The Sam’s Club version of this classic dish can feed the whole family, with some leftovers (maybe).

Member’s Mark 5 pound chicken pot pie, photo provided by Sam’s Club

The colossal Member’s Mark Chicken Pot Pie is a foot wide and weighs just under five pounds. Just putting this dish in the oven can be a little workout. In this gigantic pot pie, there is one pound of chicken. There is no worries that this dish will feed that appetite.

According to Sam’s Club, this humongous pot pie is six generous servings. While I believe Sam’s Club, this dish could probably serve more than six people. Then again, if you have a group of hungry teens, this dish could be gobbled up quite quickly.

More importantly, this chicken pot pie is made fresh daily. Since that flaky crust is key to a perfect pot pie, this commitment to freshly made dinners is key. Whether you grab a pot pie on the way home from work or grab it after a Saturday soccer game, dinner will be easy and tasty.

Every day the Member’s Mark Chicken Pot Pie is just $16.98. On September 23, Sam’s Club is offering a special deal for the celebration. The pot pie will be just $14.98.

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