Epcot’s Holiday Cookie Stroll is a walk through holiday deliciousness


Ready to take a Holiday Cookie Stroll? Epcot’s new special food event during the International Festival of the Holidays invites guests to indulge on holiday cookies.

A holiday cookie stroll sounds like a perfect holiday indulgence. Holiday cookies are often a favorite holiday tradition. Whether it is grandma’s recipe handed down through the generations or an afternoon activity with the kids, cookies and the holidays go hand in hand. With this new food tradition at Epcot, guests are invited to spark a new memory for the holidays.

For many people, the holidays at Epcot, and other Disney parks, are quite special. Whether it is the first time that you’ve met Mickey in person or the 10th time that you’ve seen the Candlelight Processional in person, the Disney magic seems even brighter during the holidays.

Often food memories are intertwined with holiday memories. From the classic holiday meal to a favorite dessert, food, even just the aroma, can transport people back to a moment, a feeling or just evoke a smile. With the addition of the new Holiday Cookie Stroll, that walk around the park enjoying holiday cookies can spark a new memory.

Epcot’s Holiday Cookie Stroll and egg cream, photo by Cristine Struble

In addition to the delicious Holiday Kitchens scattered throughout Epcot, the International Festival of the Holidays has a cookie challenge for guests. This cookie stroll invites guests to taste five different holiday cookies. Once the guest has indulged in all five cookies (and received the coordinating stamp in their passport), the guest will receive a free completer cookie and glass of milk.

The cookies included in the cookie stroll are:

Red and green chocolate chip cookie at the Feast of the Three Kings
Peppermint sugar cookie at Bavaria Holiday Kitchen
Green and white sugar cookie at American Holiday Table
Black and White cookie at new L’Chaim Holiday Kitchen
Gold Chocolate Chip Cookie at Yukon Holiday Kitchen
Completer Red and Green Mickey Sugar cookie at Holiday Sweets and Treats

Before anyone says that this stroll is a lot of cookies, guests can complete the cookie stroll on several visits. Still, eating all these cookies on a single day is doable (don’t ask) as long as you pace yourself. Remember you are walking and walking helps to make extra cookie room in your stomach.

Holiday cookies at Epcot, photo by Cristine Struble

Truthfully, one of the best ways to enjoy this cookie stroll is with family and friends. Enjoying these cookies and talking about family holiday memories is a great way to spend a day. While families might not make a Mickey shaped holiday cookie, many people have favorite cookies that are tied to a specific memory.

For example, I love black and white cookies. A tradition started by my grandmother, this classic New York deli cookie instantly brings me back to memories with my grandmother. This cookie was a Sunday treat for me. As she sipped her afternoon tea, I would get a special cookie. It was a simple gesture, but that cookie holds a special place in my heart.

In many cases, other people might have similar memories. When I asked my kids about holiday cookies, they talked about classic sugar cookies. Whether we made cut out cookies or decorated them with sprinkles and sanding sugar, they remember spending afternoons in the kitchen and laughing. The cookies might have looked more blob-like and less Santa-esque, but they always tasted delicious because we made them together.

Again, this holiday cookie stroll isn’t just about eating cookies. It is an opportunity to talk about holiday memories, favorite flavors and traditions that can be passed down through generations. In today’s hectic world, isn’t it nice to take a moment just to stroll?

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