ALDI Valentine’s Day treats, heart shaped cheeses will make you swoon


ALDI Valentine’s Day treats will have foodies running to their local stores. These heart shaped celebratory foods are a dream come true.

Valentine’s Day treats are starting to hit store shelves. ALDI has announced its Valentine’s Day foods. These heart shaped foods will have everyone feeling the foodie love this year.

Starting on January 30, ALDI will start selling its Valentine’s Day celebratory items. The items include both foodie and non-food items. For the foodies and ALDI fanatics, the special heart shaped treats are the ultimate love letter.

While ALDI has a long list of Valentine’s Day food items, a few items definitely should be on your must buy list. First, the Happy Farms Preferred Valentine’s Day Cheese Assortment are absolutely adorable. The heart shaped cheeses would make for a perfect Valentine’s Day charcuterie plate. This cheese assortment will surely sell out quickly.

ALDI Valentine’s Day treats, photo provided by ALDI

Second, the Specially Selected Heart Brioche with Chocolate Chips would make the best Valentine’s Day breakfast treat. Place the whole brioche on a plate with some fruit and eggs for a sweet start to the day of love.

ALDI Valentine’s Day treats , photo provided by ALDI

Of course, heart shaped truffles are always a wonderful choice. The Specially Selected Chocolate Truffle Hearts have some really innovative flavors. The bourbon vanilla sounds delicious, but the one that sounds really tempting is the strawberry rhubarb. That flavor isn’t common in truffles but should be quite tasty.

Basically, ALDI has so many heart shaped foods that you can make an entire heart shaped Valentine’s Day meal. From pasta to cheese to chocolate, the options are many. Of course, don’t forget a bottle of wine to complete the celebration.

After the huge success of the Wine and Cheese Advent Calendars, ALDI is hoping that Valentine’s Day will bring another huge rush on these special items. Given the cuteness factor, these holiday items will probably be long gone before the day of love arrives. It might be best to shop early.

Also, given the costs for these Valentine’s Day offerings, ALDI is making Valentine’s Day cost effective. The heart shaped cheese assortment is only $3.99. At that price, you will have extra money to buy flowers.

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Will you be buying the ALDI Valentine’s Day treats? What is your favorite heart shaped food to serve on the day of love?