Dr Pepper wants to be the Official Soft Drink of Texas


Are you a Dr Pepper fan? With a new petition, the beloved Texas soft drink wants to be named the Official Soft Drink of Texas.

Dr Pepper, native to Texas, wants to celebrate its birthplace. Recently, the beloved soft drink is asking fans to sign a petition so that this drink will become the Official Soft Drink of Texas. Don’t let the Lone Star State down. It is time to be a pepper, too!

For many people, a favorite soft drink sticks with them throughout their lifetime. It could be a drink loved by their parents. For others, it is a drink that they found in college. No matter the back-story, soft drink fans are loyal.

If you have ever offered a rival soft drink to a fan, there could be a very unpleasant look, curt statement or just a clear rebuff of the offer. In Texas, the native drink, Dr Pepper is a beloved soft drink that has been loved by Texas generations.

Dr Pepper wants to be the Official Soft Drink of Texas, photo provided by Dr Pepper,

For those people unfamiliar, Dr Pepper was created in Waco, Texas. The soft drink dates back to 1885 and is considered the oldest major soft drink in the United States. While some people might visit the Silos in Waco, others make a pilgrimage to the birthplace of this beloved soft drink.

While this Change.org petition does have a little levity, the brand is channeling its Texas pride with a launch of 15 unique artwork bottles. From the Texas landscape to iconic landmarks, this artwork is meant to evoke Texas pride. Anyone who has lived in Texas knows that Texans are proud of their state.

For some big fans, they will want to collect all 15 unique artwork bottles. While the 20oz bottles are available in some areas, fans might have to be determined to find them all. Looking at the designs, some labels will surely become extremely popular.

Being named the Official Soft Drink of Texas doesn’t necessarily come with a lot of pomp and circumstance. It doesn’t seem likely that this drink will be the only beverage served at state dinners, for example. Still, it is a nice distinction for a brand that is very proud of its Texas roots.

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Will you be signing the Dr Pepper Official Soft Drink of Texas? Are you a pepper, too?