National Popcorn Day: Tasty popcorn snacks that are popping good


National Popcorn Day is January 19. For this food holiday, these popcorn snacks make for the tastiest snacks to celebrate this iconic snack.

Let’s pop some popcorn to celebration National Popcorn Day. Celebrated on January 19, this food holiday celebrates all things popcorn. Whether eaten with a dash of salt or smothered in butter, this tasty snack is a favorite with young and old.

While stats vary, it is believed that Americans consume over 16 billion quarts of popcorn each year. Given that number, it is a given that popcorn is a very popular snack choice.

Whether enjoyed at home, at the movies or during a sporting event, popcorn comes in all types of flavors. From movie theater butter to sweet caramel, the options are numerous. Now, companies are pushing the flavor boundaries, too. From recreating your favorite cookie to a mash-up of flavors in a single bag, almost any flavor can be used in popcorn.

Since it is National Popcorn Day, here are tasty popcorn snacks that FoodSided thinks are popping good.

Double Good popcorn, photo by Cristine Struble

Double Good

Double Good popcorn company believes in a simple ideal. They believe that delicious popcorn can bring a little joy in everyone’s lives. 50% of every dollar spent goes to funding sports for kids with special needs. Why not snack on some more popcorn when it supports such a worthy cause.

While the company’s mission is commendable, the popcorn is delicious. Recently, I had the opportunity to taste of couple of the Double Good flavors. This popcorn is quite addictive.

With a wide variety of flavors, two flavors in particular, In Queso Fire and Waddle You Do For Cookies were my favorites. The Queso had heat, but more importantly it had layered flavors. With hints of garlic and onion, this fiery popcorn was a bold, tangy heat.

For a sweeter treat, I would recommend the Waddle You Do For Cookies. The hint of French vanilla makes that cookie flavor sweet but not overpowering. It was the best part of sweet without making being overly decadent. Plus, with cookie pieces sprinkled throughout, it is a very tempting treat. Just make sure to put small amounts in a bowl otherwise the bag could be gone in a single setting.

Double Good popcorn can be purchased online. The company has 14 different flavors in its line.

Smartfood popcorn

Some people consider Smartfood popcorn company the favorite popcorn brand. Made from premium ingredients, the popcorn has not artificial flavors or preservatives. This air-popped popcorn is fluffy and fun to eat right out of the bag.

Smartfood popcorn has a wide line of flavors. From white cheddar to kettle corn, each flavor is delicious. Even the brand’s Delight line, with only 35 calories, is bursting with flavor.

Personally, I was addicted to the Smartfood Caramel and Cheddar mix. This flavor had the right balance of sweet and savory. When you can’t decide on a snack, this flavor is the answer.
Smartfood is available at stores nationwide.

Epcot Festival of the Arts, popcorn and beer pairing, photo by Cristine Struble

Epcot’s beer & popcorn pairing

If you happen to be in the Orlando area, Epcot Festival of the Arts has a perfect snack for celebrating National Popcorn Day. Located in Festival Center in the Painter’s Palate marketplace, there is a delicious beer and popcorn pairing.

This three beer and three popcorn pairing shows how beer and popcorn are a classic combination. The three flavored popcorns are matched with three very intriguing beers.

The popcorn/beer pairings are:
North Coast Brewing Co. Scrimshaw Pilsner Style Beer with Bacon Barbecue Popcorn
M.I.A. Beer Company Jazz IPA with Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn
Central 28 Beer Company Miss Mary Brown Oatmeal Brown Ale with Buffalo Blue Cheese Popcorn

The most successful of these pairings is the M.I.A. IPA with the Jalapeno Ranch popcorn. The popcorn doesn’t have heat, instead it has the brightness of a pepper. With a hazy, full bodied beer, the balance is quite delicious.

Even if you can’t visit Epcot for this delicious beer and popcorn pairing, you can create a similar idea at home. Grab a few different beers and popcorn flavors. Play around and see how the flavors play off, balance or enhance each other.

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How are you celebrating National Popcorn Day? What’s your favorite popcorn snacks?