Alex Guarnaschelli shares the perfect Super Bowl dip recipe


Looking for the perfect Super Bowl dip recipe? Alex Guarnaschelli, through her partnership with Taste of the NFL, has the perfect recipe for the Big Game.

Super Bowl parties always have one recipe that everyone will want. This Super Bowl dip recipe by Alex Guarnaschelli will be the one that will wow all your guests. While the recipe is slightly elevated for Big Game watching, guests will definitely be impressed with the bold flavors. Your guests might think that you have become an Iron Chef.

Food fans know the talented Alex Guarnaschelli. Chef Alex is executive chef of Manhattan’s Butter restaurant, judge on “Chopped,” defending champion on “Iron Chef Gauntlet” and host of Food Network’s online series, “Fix Me a Plate.” Additionally, she has numerous cookbooks to her credit and she is a food authority.

When it comes to finding that perfect Super Bowl recipe, Taste of the NFL turned to Guarnaschelli to offer a recipe that would appeal to both foodies and football fans. Her spin on a classic chips and dip will have people ditching that tub of store bought dip for this flavorful alternative.

Alex Guarnaschelli is partnering with Taste of the NFL to celebrate Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta and support its fundraising initiatives. This year, FoodSided is supporting Taste of NFL, its chef partners and its season-long Kick Hunger Challenge by sharing the chefs’ recipes as well as sharing chef interviews.

Chefs, especially celebrity chefs, have a unique voice that they often lend to important food related causes. Initiatives, like Kick Hunger Challenge and Taste of the NFL, show the importance of supporting local food banks and nonprofit organizations in the various NFL cities.

Food is often an integral part of celebrations. From watching the Big Game to gathering friends around the table, food not only nourishes our bodies but it brings companionship by sharing that food together. As excitement builds for Super Bowl LIII, these type of food initiatives are just as important as the menu for the Big Game celebration.

In support of this program, recently I was able to chat with Chef Alex. As everyone begins to plan their special menus for the Super Bowl LIII, she provided some interesting insight on her approach to the menu and menu planning.

Below is a transcript of that interview.

Cristine Struble: Do you have a favorite recipe that is always on your game day menu?

Alex Guarnaschelli: A lot of options from my cookbook “The Home Cook” actually line up with game day: Glazed Five-Spice Ribs and Sticky Fingers Baked Chicken Wings. I love recipes that avoid frying but offer tasty alternatives. These are two simple recipes that speak to that very feeling.

CS: How far in advance do you plan your game day menu?

AG: Maybe a day or two. When I plan to have family and friends over, I want everything to be easy and stress free- including cooking! The “goal” is to cook great food ahead but then get out of the kitchen and enjoy tree game!

CS: Should your game day menu follow a specific theme (style of food, ingredients, cuisine, etc)?

AG: Comfort food! When I think of football, I think of food that is familiar to everyone, that everyone craves and warms the soul like chicken wings, hearty sandwiches, beef chili. I have a lot of vegetarian friends too, though. Always have some hummus and crudités so that no one feels left out…

CS: Is a game day recipe better to be a full meal or more like an appetizer?

AG: I like to put out a variety appetizers for my guests to walk around with and pick on all throughout the game. A main course is too much of a commitment!

CS: Do you ever let your guests help with a game day recipe?

AG: Of course! I love being in the kitchen with my family and friends. Actually that’s likely a bit of a white lie? I usually make a lot of the base ingredients ahead and true have friends help by arranging cheese and vegetables on platters or cutting bread and making cocktails!

Now that everyone is inspired by Chef Alex’s responses, it is time to tackle her recommended recipe. This recipe takes a traditional football staple, chips and dip, and makes it the star of the snack table.

Even for the newbie cook, this recipe is relatively straight forward. Even if you swap shrimp for crab, the dip is amazing.

The biggest tip from this recipe is the chips. Transforming store bought chips into gourmet chips is super easy. Anyone can borrow this tip for almost any Game Day recipe.

Alex Guarnaschelli – Crab Dip with Potato Chips -photo provided by Taste of the NFL

Here’s how to make Crab Dip with Spiced Potato Chips Recipe.

"Alex GuarnaschelliCrab Dip with Spiced Potato Chips RecipePrep Time: 10 minutesServing: 6-8Serving crab ups the fancy factor of any occasion. This easy dip is a fun way to elevate game-day snacks. It can be made a few hours in advance and left to chill in the fridge. For an extra touch, warm the chips in a 300°F for 2 minutes oven just before serving.Technique tip: Use a fine mesh strainer to evenly dust the potato chips with the paprika.Swap option: You can use cooked baby shrimp instead of crab.INGREDIENTS:Dip1 cup cream cheese, softened½ cup mayonnaise1 tablespoon Dijon mustard½ teaspoon cayenne1 tablespoon lemon juiceKosher salt12 ounces (about 1 ½ cups) fresh jumbo lump crabmeat, drained and picked overChipsOne 10-ounce bag potato chips2 teaspoons hot paprikaDIRECTIONS:For the Dip1. In a medium bowl, whisk together the cream cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, cayenne, lemon juice, and 2 tablespoons salt. Gently mix in the crab.2. Taste for seasoning and adjust as needed.3. Refrigerate until ready to server.For the chips:1. In a large bowl, toss the potato chips with the paprika. Serve with the chilled dip."

I would like to thank Taste of the NFL and chef Alex Guarnaschelli for making this article possible.

To date, the Kick Hunger Challenge “has raised and donated in excess of $26 million to food banks and nonprofit organizations in the 32 NFL cities, resulting in more than 220 million new meals for Americans in need.” For more information on this program, please visit

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Will you be making this perfect Super Bowl dip recipe? You don’t have to tell your guests that you borrowed the recipe from an Iron Chef (unless you want to).