Tim Hortons Be Mine Donuts are the perfect Valentine’s Day pair


Tim Hortons Be Mine Donuts for Valentine’s Day will be the perfect way to share the love. Which donuts are your perfect pair?

For Valentine’s Day, Tim Hortons Be Mine Donuts could be a fun way to say I love you on the most romantic day of the year. Starting on February 6, these Valentine’s Day donuts are a way that anyone can spread a little love. But, which donut is your perfect pair?

These Valentine’s Day donuts come in two flavors. The Vanilla Be Mine Donut features a raspberry jam filling which has been dipped in vanilla fondant and topped with red shimmer. The fondant should offer a sweetness to offset the raspberry jam. Plus, who can resist a little red shimmer on Valentine’s Day.

The second donut is the Chocolate Be Mine Donut. This donut features venetian cream with a chocolate fondant covered in red shimmer. Venetian cream is somewhat similar to Bavarian cream, but slightly different. It is a type of pastry cream and it is delicious with chocolate.
Tim Hortons Be Mine Donuts for Valentine’s Day, photo provided by Tim Hortons
It is smart that Tim Hortons is offering both a vanilla and chocolate Valentine’s Day donut. Some people adore chocolate while other people don’t. By having two options, everyone is included in this Valentine’s Day sweet celebration.

Ideally these Tim Hortons Be Mine Donuts are best enjoyed as a pair. You could have two donuts the same or mix and match. It really depends on your personal preference. Personally, two donuts in the same flavor (Vanilla Be Mine, please) could be a way of sharing to your Valentine that you share each other’s hearts.

Beyond these heart-shaped donuts for Valentine’s Day, Tim Hortons will be the limited time Red Velvet line-up. Red Velvet flavors will be taking over some favorite beverages like the Red Velvet French Latte. Also, Red Velvet cookies and muffins will be offers. It looks like Tim Hortons is embracing everything red for Valentine’s Day.

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Are you ready to say yes to Tim Hortons Be Mine Donuts? Which one is your perfect Valentine’s Day treat?