Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras event, a taste of authentic New Orleans food


Authentic New Orleans food delights both foodies and the new food fan. At Universal Orlando’s Mardi Grad event, these tasting plates will satisfy everyone.

What makes good authentic New Orleans food? While a trip to the French Quarter offers a culinary delight of delicious dishes, some people may not be able to make that trip. With Spring Break approaching, many people will be heading to Universal Orlando Resort. The annual Mardi Gras celebration is the perfect time to explore all those temping New Orleans flavors.

Each year, Universal Orlando Resort hosts its annual Mardi Gras celebration. Held this year from February 9 through March 4, the event combines New Orleans food with authentic Mardi Gras parades and some amazing concert events. The event brings a little flare to the always popular Florida theme park.

Over the years, certain Universal Mardi Gras dishes have become quite popular. Choices like gumbo, jambalaya and red beans and rice are back on the menu. But, all the menu items have a new twist. Each portion is more of a tasting size. This smaller size means that guests can enjoy more dishes without feeling too over indulgent.

Catfish Po Boy at Universal Orlando Resort Mardi Gras, photo provided by Universal Orlando

A couple new menu items could tempt theme park guests away from their favorite classics. New to the menu this year are catfish po boy, shrimp po boy and chicken po boy. This New Orleans favorite gets a little twist with the addition of a good dash of hot sauce and a crispy slaw. While the dish is served with kettle chips, the extra side might not be needed.

Additionally, the menu offers a classic etouffe. The savory, nuanced sauce envelopes the crab and rice. This dish is definitely one that you will not want to share with your friends. Personally, it could be the dish that you order a second plate later in the evening.

Beignets, Universal Orlando Resort Mardi Gras, photo provided by Universal Orlando

Of course, savory dishes aren’t the only menu items. Desserts are equality as tempting. The always popular beignets make a return. While it is almost impossible to avoid powder sugar on your shirt, that hot, sweet, goodness is worth the spillage. Also, bites of the classic King Cake are on the dessert menu, too.

New for this year, the Mardi Gras menu features a mimosa bar. This new cocktail offering isn’t your typical Sunday mimosa. With flavors like raspberry rosemary and mint mojito, these beverages are definitely worth a sip.

Lastly, all there are other beverage options to quench your thirst. From craft beer to specialty cocktails, there is a libation for every occasion.

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Are you excited to try the authentic New Orleans food at Universal Orlando Resort’s Mardi Gras? It is time to laissez le bon temps rouler.