Delicious Nutella recipe is perfect for World Nutella Day and beyond


Looking for a delicious Nutella recipe? Why not celebrate World Nutella Day with this treat and maybe another special Nutella surprise.

Do you have a delicious Nutella recipe? Somehow this chocolate hazelnut spread has become almost everyone’s obsession. From gigantic tubs sold at warehouse stores to eating it straight from the container, people can’t get enough Nutella.

When it comes to a Nutella recipe, there are tons of options. Desserts are the most common Nutella recipes. The sweet, creamy goodness that is Nutella lends itself to dessert recipes.

In honor of World Nutella Day, Nutella provided this simple, yet delicious Nutella recipe that anyone, can master. It impresses both visually and with a complex flavor that is a little unexpected.

Nutella Cafe, photo provided by Nutella

"Mandarin Cup with Crumble and NutellaIngredients• 1 cup mandarin juice• ¼ cup water• ¼ cup sugar• 1 tablespoon of powdered gelatine• 2 tablespoon of crumble (per portion)• Fresh fruit to taste• 1 tablespoon of Nutella® (per portion)Method1. In a container, wet the gelatine in cold water.2. Warm the mandarin juice together with the water and the sugar and then add the gelatine.3. Position the glasses at 45 degrees and fill them with the gelatine mixture to obtain the visual effect shown in the picture.4. Once the gelatine has solidified, decorate with the pastry crumble.5. Finish with 1 tablespoon of Nutella®6. Decorate with fresh fruit"

The combination of fruit and Nutella is always a great choice. Often people use bananas, strawberries and raspberries. Using mandarin is a new twist.

Orange and chocolate is a combination that more people need to explore. The sweet, yet bright, flavor from the fruit balances the richness from the Nutella.

Also, this dessert recipe satisfies because of the blend in textures. The crumble, fresh fruit and Nutella create both layers of flavor and texture. It is definitely a bite to remember.
Since World Nutella Day deserves a momentous celebration, the Nutella Cafes in both New York City and Chicago are marking the food holiday with some special events.

At both locations, 500 jars of Nutella will be given away to customers. Specifically, “the first 100 on-site brand fans at both Nutella Cafe locations will be gifted with a free Nutella jar inscribed with their name, and the next 400 customers will receive a complimentary classic Nutella jar with the purchase of a menu item of their choice (limit one jar per customer).” If this giveaway is a perfect reason to visit a Nutella Café today.

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