Top Chef Season 16 episode 12 Kentucky Farewell preview: Watch online


In Top Chef Season 16 episode 12, the chefs bid adieu to Kentucky. But, will their experiences in the Blue Grass state influence their final dishes?

For a Kentucky Farewell, Top Chef Season 16 episode 12 has the chefs wondering how this experience has impacted their culinary journey. Over a period of time, did Kentucky influence them or did they influence Kentucky? More importantly, can anyone guess who will make the finale?

According to Bravo, the synopsis for Top Chef Season 16 episode 12.

"Tom ambushes the sleeping chefs and challenges them to make a dish using ingredients harvested from their gardens; for the last elimination challenge, the chefs bid on luxury ingredients at a thoroughbred horse auction house."

The Quickfire challenge should have been guessed by everyone. The chefs weren’t encouraged grow vegetables for no purpose. Everything always has a reason in this show.

Now, it will be curious to see if the chefs were good farmers. Additionally, will the chefs be able to use the eliminated chefs produce? This particular challenge could be a little more difficult than it seems on first blush.

Additionally, it will be interesting to see if the dish must be only the ingredients from the garden. If that scenario is the case, the chefs need to be very creative. Vegetable forward dishes require a deft hand.

For the elimination challenge, the bidding process could cause some tension. Sometimes luxury ingredients are an asset and sometimes they are a hindrance. If the chefs use up all their money on luxury ingredients, they could have a disjointed dish. A composed dish, regardless of ingredients, should always be a successful dish.

Lastly, this week’s episode will bring back a chef from Last Chance Kitchen. Could this returning chef earn a spot in the finale? Could that chef win it all?

Ready to watch Top Chef Season 16 episode 12? Here’s how.

Date: Thursday, February 21, 2018

Start Time: 8 p.m. ET

Episode: “Music City USA”

TV Channel: Bravo

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Top Chef Season 16 airs on Bravo on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET.