MasterChef Junior partners with Feed the Children to fight childhood hunger


MasterChef Junior and Feed the Children are using their platforms to raise awareness on the growing food issue, childhood hunger.

Childhood hunger continues to be a huge food issue. FOX’s MasterChef Junior and Feed the Children are working together to raise awareness about this social issue. Ahead of the MasterChef Season 7 premiere, the Feed the Children and MasterChef Junior collaboration will launch, End Hunger: Dare to Donate. Isn’t it time to put an end to this solvable food issue?

In addition to the donation campaign, the partners will launch a social media campaign to involve kids ages 13 and under. Kids will be encouraged to embrace their cooking creativity and create dishes inspired by MasterChef Junior. The focus will be to use everyday items in their innovative dishes.

When children cook, they open their imaginations to the possible. Unlike adults, kids are willing to make innovative flavor combinations, push the envelope on ingredients and explore new mash-ups. With kids, almost anything is possible. More importantly, the cooking brings people together in the kitchen.

To effectively combat childhood hunger, everyone needs to work together. From raising awareness on the issue to developing solutions for the problem, the collective is more powerful than the individual. According to Travis Arnold, President and Chief Executive Officer of Feed the Children, “(w)e recognize hunger can’t be fought alone, but by working together, we can provide food and essentials to millions of children and families who live in poverty.”

The collaboration with MasterChef Junior is a wonderful opportunity. This new season looks to showcase the cooking abilities of this young chefs. From elevating classic dishes to mystery box challenges, these young chefs are ready, willing and able to tackle it all.

Additionally, this type of cooking competition is a great tool for families. It can spark a conversation, encourage some cooking creativity and inspire a love of food that can last a lifetime.
MasterChef Junior Season 7 premieres on Tuesday, March 12 with a two-hour episode.

The Top 24 junior home cooks will compete in a series of challenges throughout the season. Throughout the season, the young chefs will learn to work as a team, cook efficiently and create some very impressive dishes.

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As the cooking competition show entertains, don’t forget about the food issue that continues to plague the country. Learn more about the End Hunger: Dare to Donate and Feed the Children. The time to make a difference is now.