Cold brew shandy: New beverage trend where coffee meets lemonade


Have you heard of cold brew shandy? This new beverage trend could replace your cold brew and become the next must have summer beverage.

Cold brew shandy isn’t a new beer from Germany or a cocktail from your favorite mixologist. Looking to be the next big beverage trend, this combined coffee beverage could have you rethink your go to coffee. Is this coffee refreshing or just confusing to the palate?

La Colombe offers a Cold Brew Shandy Lemonade and a Cold Brew Shandy Grapefuit. This beverage combines the brand’s light-roasted organic coffee with Sicilian lemonade or pink grapefruit juice. The idea is to create a sweet, light beverage that is refreshing. After the success of the brand’s Draft Latte, this beverage is received accolades as well as rave reviews.

Combining lemonade with other beverages is common. Usually this type of beverage is more popular during the warmer months or in warmer climates. Think about the popular shandy types of beer. The lemonade offers a lightness, brightness. It makes it very refreshing.

The same can be said for this particular beverage combination. Sometimes coffee can be strong. While lemon is often introduced into tea, adding it to coffee is different.

For these beverages, the citrus pairs well because the coffee beans do have a citrus note. Additionally, the smoothness form the cold brew is rounded out by the citrus. Overall, it is a flavor combination that needs to be explored.

Recently, the La Colombe Cold Brew Shandy received a 2019 Food and Beverage (FABI Awards). This awards recognize food and beverages that break new ground in taste and will shape the future of food. Could this particular beverage be the newest trend in coffee?

Looking at other coffee and tea offerings, all types of flavors are becoming more common. From floral hibiscus to stronger spices like turmeric, traditional is getting a new slant. Flavors from the table are quickly working their way into the beverage aisle.

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Could the cold brew shandy become your new go-to beverage? Where do you think beverage trends are going?