Elysian Brewing and Jonathan Van Ness celebrate inclusivity and marriage equality


Love is love. For Elysian Brewing and Jonathan Van Ness that simple statement is more than just words, it is declaration of inclusivity this Pride season.

Elysian Brewing, the Seattle based brewery, and Jonathan Van Ness, from Queer Eye, are partnering to celebrate inclusivity this Pride season. In a world where divisiveness can be rampant, everyone can use a little reminder to embrace commonality. In this case, everyone’s authentic selves deserve a little praise.

Beer fans might know Elysian Brewing for its infamous pumpkin beers. Considered one of the best large brewpubs, this brewer looks to make a statement with more than the beer in the pint. This particular promotion shows the brand’s commitment to inclusion.

According to Joe Bisacca, Elysian Co-Founder, “I want Elysian to always be a safe place where anyone within our network can show up as their authentic selves. You don’t need to change who you are to make other people feel comfortable.”

Ahead of Pride Month, the brewer and Queer Eye star and LGBTQ+ advocate, Jonathan Van Ness are partnering on a special event. For one lucky couple, Van Ness will marry one lucky couple at Elysian’s Seattle pub.

Check out this announcement video.

Thinking about this announcement, the concept is more than just a wedding. It is a statement that people, all people, can find common ground. Celebrating love, marking milestones and living an authentic life is universal. Everyone deserves that opportunity.

Elysian Brewing brings back GLITTERis Ale, photo provided by Elysian Brewing

To continue the celebration throughout Pride Month, Elysian is bringing back its GLITTERis Pride Ale. This low ABV beer (4.4%) is fruit forward but still has a strong hoppy character. The brewer uses blackberry and raspberry purees in the fermentation process to add to the colorful quality.

Additionally, this beer is described as a cream ale. Generally, these types of beers are well carbonated. The hoppy character is notable but it isn’t overly bitter. Given the GLLITTERis Pride Ale’s use of blackberry and raspberry purees, the balance between hop and fruit should make this beer perfect for summer weather.

The GLITTERis Pride Ale will be available nationwide on June 3. It will be sold in 4-pack, 16 ounce cans. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Seattle + SF Pride.

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Are you ready to celebrate your authentic self and inclusivity? Toast to love is love with Elysian Brewing and Jonathan Van Ness.