Disney Springs’ Frontera Cocina is taking guests to Baja


Frontera Cocina is making a name for itself at Disney Springs with seasonal menus and incredible meals. The latest seasonal menu is taking guests to Baja.

When you walk into Frontera Cocina at Disney Springs,  you are greeted with vibrant colors, a warm smile, and the smell of delicious food. From fresh guacamole with various toppings to a fantastic bar menu, and some of the most authentic Mexican cuisine anywhere, Frontera Cocina is a dining destination.

Recently, the restaurant unveiled their latest seasonal menu based on Baja. The options are filled with punch-in-the-face spice and smoky flavors.

For an appetizer, we started off with crispy chipotle calamari, which came with a caramelized lime aioli, chile de arbol salsa, and cotija cheese. This dish was quite possibly one of the best calamari dishes that we’ve ever had. It was succulent and perfectly fried.

The two dipping sauces only enhanced the taste of the calamari. For a real burst of flavor, try dipping the calamari into both sauces for one delicious bite.

Credit: Palmas Restaurant Group

Each of the seasonal menus at Frontera Cocina comes with a light salad. The salad is made with Arcadian lettuce, char-grilled corn, poblano rajas, tossed with a creamy roasted garlic-lime dressing, and topped with spicy cotija cheese, cilantro, and crunchy tortilla chips.

Everything in the salad worked so well together, and we would highly recommend getting one to share. It’s great, but the real stars of the menu are coming up for the entrees.

Credit: Palmas Restaurant Group

There are two entrees for the Taste of Baja menu and both use shrimp as the star of the dish The first entree is a carne asada and mojo-grilled Florida shrimp. The surf and turf style dish is a great sharing option.

The entree is made with garlic and red chile-marinated Creekstone Natural Black Angus steak, mojo-grilled Florida pink shrimp, black beans refritos with queso fresco, caramelized plantains with crema and cojita cheese, tomatillo salsa and is served with warm corn tortillas. The tomatillo salsa is great on just about everything Frontera Concina makes and is one of our favorite sauces. The dish overall is quite delicious, and makes for great tacos.

Credit: Palmas Restaurant Group

If you’re looking for something knock-your-socks-off level of spicy,  get the grilled Florida pink shrimp. The dish is simple with perfectly cooked shrimp, covered in a red chile-peanut salsa mocha, and served with plantain rice. The shrimp are addictively spicy making you go back for more and more of them.

Dessert at Frontera Concina is a must, and there are two new seasonal desserts. The first is a raspberry-habanero cake.

The beautifully layered cake is filled with lime Chantilly cream, minty raspberry salsa, and topped with candied habanero lime. It’s the perfect sweet and spicy dessert. If you don’t love spicy food, ask for the dish to not be topped with the candied habanero lime.

Credit: Palmas Restaurant Group

The second dessert is for all of the ice cream lovers out there. Frontera Cocina has created a delicious passion fruit sorbet for a lighter dessert that’s still filled with flavor. This is the perfect ending to a delicious meal.

Out of the four drinks we were served, we highly recommend getting the cucumber Negroni. It’s a new addition to the regular drink menu and it’s one of the best drinks we’ve ever had at Walt Disney World.

Credit: Palmas Restaurant Group

The drink is made with mezcal Ilegal blanco, Italicus liqueur, dry vermouth, cucumber bitters and topped with a grapefruit peel. The ice cube even has the Frontera logo embossed into it! The drink pairs perfectly with all of the Taste of Baja menu items, and we promise you’ll want more than one of these.

Overall, we would highly recommend Frontera Cocina’s new seasonal menu, Taste of Baja. The menu will be at the restaurant for about three months until Chef Rick Bayless announces a new seasonal menu based on a new region of Mexico.

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