Ferrero announces new, exciting candy for Fall 2019!


Ferrero USA recently announced the upcoming release of three, exciting new treats, coming out fall of 2019! Which ones will you pick up to try first?

Ferrero USA, maker of everyone’s favorite hazelnut spread — Nutella — is coming out with three new innovative confectioneries! Just in time for the back to school season, Ferrero will be introducing the following;

  • Kinder Bueno: The popular European candy is finally making it’s US debut! This taste bud extravaganza features crispy wafers with hazelnut filling, inside of a delicate milk chocolate shell, drizzled with dark chocolate.
  • Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature: This new assorted box of chocolates is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life. Included in this new decadent box is… “Dark Opera (dark chocolate topped with crispy cocoa shavings and layers of hazelnut and cocoa); Biancoretti (white chocolate filled with a crispy amaretto flavor center) and Coffee Maestria (rich dark chocolate and coffee notes blended with a layer of finely ground 100% Arabica beans).”
  • Tic Tac X-Freeze:  Love Tic Tacs but wish they were bigger? You’re in luck! Tic Tac X-Freeze are 50% larger than regular Tic Tacs, and Ferrero promises they’ll deliver an intense and long-lasting flavor, with cooling crystals. Flavors will include Strong Mint and Wintergreen, perfect to freshen up any mouth!

Kinder Bueno joining the Ferrero line of products, photo provided by Ferrero

According to Cristine Struble, who tried the new Tic Tac X-Freeze at this year’s Sweets and Snacks Expo, “the Tic Tac Freeze offer a huge burst of flavor. They definitely last a really long time and are wonderfully refreshing. Personally, the Wintergreen was my favorite.”

Ferrero Golden and Tic Tac X-Freeze will hit shelves September 2019, while Kinder Bueno launches in the US November 2019. Ferrero also has plans to release a holiday edition Kinder Egg, featuring 16 new holiday themed toys, and coming fall of 2019, new Star Wars and Frozen 2 themed Kinder Eggs!

Ferrero even has plans for their new Easter themed Kinder Eggs, which will be hitting shelves spring 2020! I can’t wait to see what else Ferrero comes up with for their Kinder Egg line.

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What are some of your favorite Ferrero treats? Let us know in the comments below!