Summer snacking: Which snack will be at your summer barbecue?


Are you ready for summer snacking? Whether it a summer barbecue, beach day or just family dinner, these snacks will make summer taste better.

Summer snacking seems to be a food tradition more than a food trend. From Memorial Day to Fourth of July, everyone seems to be grabbing a bag of their favorite snacks. But, which snacks do people tend to purchase the most?

Each year, Frito Lay releases its Snack Index. While snack sales spike from Memorial Day through July 4th, the week of 4th of July is typically the biggest snacking week of the year. From the backyard barbecue to the family road trip, snacks are always on people’s minds.

Even as snacks continue to push the creativity and flavor boundaries, consumes tend to stick with the classics. It seems that nostalgia reigns supreme. Whether it is re-creating those childhood memories or finding snacks with mass appeal, traditional, almost old-school snacks, continue to find their place on the table.

Most telling is the fact that chips are the most likely snack to be found at a backyard barbecue or cookout. There are many reasons why this statement rings true. Chips can go with almost any food. There are a plethora of pairings for plain, classic Lays potato chips.

Plus, everyone seems to like chips. Whether served as a side or stacked on top of a hamburger for texture, a cookout or barbecue doesn’t seem complete without a bowl of chips.

While summer parties are often on the mind, road trips are also a summer mainstay. Whether traveling near or far, the primary want is convenience. Single-serve packaging is a must.

From stopping at the local convenience store to even the grocery aisle, the grab-and-go containers are everywhere. Just look at the various Frito Lay products, like Doritos Crunch Mix or the Cheetos Flavor Shots Asteroids, that satisfy with big flavor in just the right size.

Additionally, those single serve packages can help avoid the dreaded sibling bickering. Any parent knows that asking kids to share a snack in the back seat of a car or on an airplane can cause chaos. No one wants to be in the middle a food fight. With everyone having their own snack bag, calm can be restored.

These snack findings are consistent with general snacking and food trends. Nostalgia for classic foods and flavors is balanced with the desire to innovative. Even though a lotus root chips might be fun to sample, the craving for the classic potato will never fade.

Just like those family roads trips, summer is filled with creating and reliving memories. Food is always a part of that scenario. While trends may ebb and flow, summer snacking will always be part of the experience.

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What snacks are on your summer snacking menu? Where do your snacking tastes fall within the snacking spectrum?