East End Brewing to release a new line of YOU ARE HERE beer!


East End Brewing in Pittsburgh, PA, is set to do something ambitious this year. Starting Saturday, the local brewery will be releasing 90+ brand new unique beers, each named after the many neighborhoods in Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh, PA, is a proud area. Almost every single person I know from there loves that they’re from Pittsburgh, and wears their love on their sleeve. East End Brewing is ready to celebrate the love this year with their “YOU ARE HERE” line of beers!

Based on the 90+ unique neighborhoods that make up Pittsburgh, the brewery is set to release their first beer in this very long line this Saturday.

Starting with the inaugural Allentown, an Imperial Shandy Ale with 7.5 % ABV, made with locally sourced tea and lemon juice from Prestogeroge Coffee and Tea Company, this beer will likely be a local summer favorite.

While there is no definite time table on when the beers will be released, the brewery hopes to release as many as possible. They’re even rearranging brew schedules to accommodate the new task!

Owner Scott Smith wants this initiative to be a way to connect with each unique neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

"It also lets us get out into the neighborhoods to do more pop-up style can releases, further engaging with the community partners and incredible people we have come to know and respect in Pittsburgh over the last 15 years of brewing here. Pittsburgh has always been our home, and I hope people will take this opportunity to get out of their comfort zones and explore it a bit more deeply."

The brewery plans to let local celebrities, business partners, and overall cool people to pick a name at random, which is how they will decide what gets brewed next. This is a seriously cool way to get involved with their local neighborhoods, and initiative I haven’t seen in many other places.

The next beer will be Overbrook, which they say will be a hazy, hoppy beer. Allentown will be available to the public Saturday, June 1st from 5 to 11 p.m. at the new Commonwealth Press building, and from 7 to 11 p.m. at the Allentown Night Market.

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Which neighborhood beer are you looking forward too? Let us know in the comments below! Cheers!