Are you gonna catch em all at this Pokemon themed pop-up bar coming to a city near you?


For decades Pokemon has  delighted and entertained children and adults of all ages. And now this year, fans will have a chance to try Pokemon inspired food — coming to a city near you!

That’s right! A Pokemon inspired pop-up bar is coming to cities across North America!

Fans of the iconic game can have a chance to register for the pop-up bar, with prices ranging from $25-$35. The event will include Pokemon themed burgers and cocktails, as well as games and prizes, which will be awarded throughout the day.

Thanks to Viral Ventures, cities across North America are jumping in on the trend, with a bars in Vancouver, New York, Denver, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh ready for Poketrainers to come and enjoy themselves. The pop-up bars will be happening through the summer and fall, so there’s a good chance one will be coming to a city near you!

I’m willing to bet these cute Pikachu burgers will be on the menu, as well as burgers inspired by the other popular starters. I don’t know what kind of drinks will be offered, but if they aren’t filled with Pokemon themed puns, I’ll be seriously let down.

Guests under 21 are welcome to attend, so long as they have an adult to accompany them. You can sign up for alerts for the event via the companies website.

I personally would love to experience one of these pop-up bars. I’ve done a few in the past for various shows such as Game of Thrones, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and I even did the Demolition Man Taco Bell pop-up at San Diego Comic Con 2018!

These pop-ups are usually themed extremely well, and the food and drink is typically delicious. The company behind the pop-up bars — Viral Ventures — hosts several nerdy themed pop-up bars and events across North America, with themes inspired by Mario Kart and other popular franchises.

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Will you be visiting a Pokemon pop-up bar this year? Let us know in the comments below!