Local Relic, a hidden gem fulfilling the microbrew craze in Colorado


Quench your thirst with originality at Local Relic in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This hidden gem offers more than craft brews.

My recent visit to Colorado was an opportunity for my significant other and I to hit the trails, eat good food, and taste as many beers as our hearts desired. We have a little tradition of grabbing a pint at a local craft brewery after a breathtaking hike. Enter Local Relic in Colorado Springs.

This converted church was the home to one of the coolest craft breweries. It conceptualized the remnants of a church with each pew and steeple re-purposed for the sake of community gathering over a cold beer.

The artistic flare offered enough for the casual eye to wander. The beer-tenders were knowledgeable and friendly. They were thorough in our search for a cold pint of selected barley and hops.

They informed us that the Relic never brewed the same beer twice, ever. So, if you found something you enjoyed they offered a variety of 18-ounce bottles to go.

On this day, we each chose a sample of four beers; an oatmeal saison, a smoked rye porter, a hazelnut milkshake stout, and the BBA Belgian chocolate quad. Needless to say, each offered great bold flavors while quenching our thirst following our hike.

The Local Relic was an instant success and they allowed us to sample a few more before we knew we needed something to go. We chose the toasted coconut milkshake stout. We saved it for later that evening.

We split the dark voluptuous bold brew after we prepared dinner. It was the perfect post-meal drink. We were both satisfied while we shared stories of our day and discussed our plans for the next adventure.

This location is only miles away from the heavily trafficked Garden of the Gods. If you are in the mood for an outside the box, unique experience to quench your thirst over a variety of cold choices, I recommend the Local Relic. The atmosphere is friendly, informative and very welcoming. They serve food as well.

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Just remember “take me to church” before you gather for your next cold beer. A visit to Local Relic should be part of any craft beer lover’s adventure.