7 Worst theme park foods that you should never order

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TORONTO, CANADA – JULY 3: Cotton candy being given away along Church Street, during the annual Pride Festival on July 3, 2016 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Justin Trudeau made history as the first Canadian prime minister to march in the Pride parade. (Photo by Ian Willms/Getty Images)

Cotton Candy

The sweet aroma from spun sugar signals that a roller coaster, merry go round or some type of amusement park ride is around the corner. While cotton candy is considered an iconic theme park food, there can be much tastier sweet treats.

First, cotton candy does come in many varieties and we are speaking to that cotton candy that is stuffed into a plastic bag or container. That over processed, dense, super sweet sugar bomb isn’t worth your food dollars.

Real cotton candy is delicious. Freshly spun candy floss is light as air and melts in your mouth. As seen at Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival, cotton candy can be a work of art. That cotton candy was worth the $15.

Unfortunately, that big plastic bag filled with bright blue and pink sugar bombs is just a blah. Who knows how long it has sat in that bag, in the heat. Also, we definitely don’t recommend eating a bunch of it and riding a huge roller coaster.

Don’t worry about missing out on a sugary treat. Theme parks have all types of dessert items at almost every corner. Maybe find something that is a little more freshly made.