7 Worst theme park foods that you should never order

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Do you have that re-fillable theme park popcorn bucket? Yes, my family has several. And, yes, the refillable popcorn bucket is probably the most cost effective snack at any theme park. Still, some days it is just a hard pass.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, easy snack, popcorn is a great choice. If your child spills a $2 bucket of popcorn you don’t feel as upset as when he spills the $10 ice cream cone.

Just like many of the other snack recommendations, be choosy when it comes to your popcorn. Look for the stand that is making fresh popcorn. Just like your local movie theater, fresh is always better tasting.

Also, avoid some of the sugar coated popcorns. Sure, the colorful treats are tasty, but no wants sticky hands for a while. Plus, the heat can make this type of popcorn a mess to eat.