Now anyone can enjoy Poland Spring Origin thanks to Amazon


Poland Spring, one of America’s most popular water brands, is now available to fans anytime, and anywhere!

For the first time ever, Poland Spring Origin is now available nationwide! With the power of Amazon, fans of Poland Spring can enjoy Origin nationwide. Have a hankering for their 100% natural spring water in the middle of Arkansas at 4:57am on a Tuesday? You’re in luck. You can order this crisp, refreshing water from Amazon any time, and any place.

Poland Spring Origin is one of the best ways to cool yourself off during the summer. It’s one of my go to water bottles when I’m running errands, or running at the gym! The attractive bottles also look great by the pool, at the beach, at a dinner party, or just on your desk at work. The bottles fit perfectly in a backpack, a purse, and in your cars cup holder too.

On top of that, each bottle is crafted using 100% recycled food-grade plastic, and each bottle is 100% recyclable when you’re done with it.

A 900mL 12 pack of this natural springs water is only $19.99, and if you have Prime that also means free shipping. You can also start a subscription for this water, which will save you a little bit of cash each time you order. I personally prefer subscribing so I never have to worry about forgetting to order a new case each month.

Want to know more about Poland Spring Origin? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

"Poland Spring ORIGIN’s 100% natural spring water has been filtered by 10,000-year-old glacial sands. With no additives and only the minerals that come from the earth itself, including naturally occurring electrolytes for a crisp and refreshing taste, Poland Spring ORIGIN sets itself¬ apart from other premium waters. A team of Spring Guardians carefully monitor White Cedar Spring and surrounding areas with long-term sustainability in mind.Beginning in April 2019, Poland Spring ORIGIN will be nationally available to consumers on in a 12-pack of 900mL bottles and also through delivery by ReadyRefresh Nestlé. May 2019 onwards, Poland Spring ORIGIN will be available in select retail locations in Florida and Texas with plans for national retail expansion in 2020."

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