New Taco Bell fries ranked: Which one tops the must eat list


Four new Taco Bell fries are rolling out to restaurants. But, if you only had to choose one of these tasty fries, which one should you choose?

Are you ready for new Taco Bell fries? It seems that Taco Bell and its fries are becoming the hottest menu items. While Nacho Fries might have cause everyone to break into song, these four new menu items are definitely a reason to run to the border. Which one should you try first?

The four new Taco Bell fries are Steak Reaper Ranch Fries, Vampire Steak Fries, Buffalo Chicken Ranch Fries and Loaded Taco Fries. While each new menu definitely brings the flavor and are worthy of a special visit, here’s our ranking of which new menu item you should try first.

4. Buffalo Chicken Fries

While Buffalo chicken wings are always a tasty idea, this version is slightly different. The fries are topped with shredded chicken and tangy buffalo sauce. Then the whole dish is drizzled with nacho cheese sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream.

Buffalo Chicken Fries, photo provided by Taco Bell

In a way, this is a variation of a loaded nacho. While we love chicken, this flavor combination is a little tame for our taste buds. Since we like it hot, we tend to add a bit more hot sauce. After all, the sour cream and cheddar cheese tame the heat.

Buffalo Chicken Fries are available in Memphis, Tennessee.

3. Loaded Taco Fries

Taco Bell has created the perfect menu mash-up with Loaded Taco Fries. This menu item combines the Crunchy Taco with Nacho Fries. Seasoned fries get smothered with seasoned beef, cheese saice, and all the toppings.

Loaded Taco Fries are available in Toledo, Ohio.

2. Vampire Steaked Fries

These fries might leave a mark, but you will be willing to take that challenge. Vampire sauce is a spicy-savory sauce that is garlic forward and has heat from jalapenos. Make sure you have a few breath mints, but these fries are worth every bite.

The Vampire Steaked Fries are available in Chicago, Illinois.

Steak Reaper Fries, photo provided by Taco Bell

1. Steak Reaper Ranch Fries

Can you handle the infamous Carolina Reaper, considered the world’s hottest pepper? While this pepper sounds almost too much to handle, the zesty ranch helps tame the flame.

In a way, these fries are the perfect way to test your spice tolerance. It is extreme heat, but it is balanced by ranch, sour cream and cheese sauce. You might feel the burn tomorrow, but it is worth the bite today.

The Steak Reaper Ranch Fries are available nationwide.

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What’s your favorite Taco Bell menu item? Which new Taco Bell fries would you want to try first?