bubly minis are here and they are just too cute for words


Do you love bubly? Now, bubly minis are on store shelves and these little cans of that tasty sparkling water are going to be your new obsession.

Sometimes little packages are the best packages. The new bubly minis are on store shelves and they are just too cute for words. Now, these little cans of bubly are perfect for any occasion.

Mini cans are a great choice for so many reasons. Occasionally, you don’t want to drink a whole can of sparkling water. A smaller version is perfect for those scenarios.

Also, these mini cans are perfect for school lunches, travel and a myriad of other scenarios. Again, small packages can and do offer lots of satisfaction.

While bubly comes in a numerous flavors, the bubly minis only come in a couple of flavors. According to PepsiCo, the minis are available in “cherry, blackberry, orange and strawberry.”

New bubly minis hit store shelves, photo provided by bubly

The four flavor options are quite interesting. In a way, these flavors represent the sweeter end of the bubly spectrum. While bubly is never super sweet, these flavors have sweeter notes that make these flavors have a broad appeal.

Also, these flavors appeal to a younger crowds. With the smaller size, these flavors would be perfect for school lunches. Instead of juice boxes, these smaller sparkling waters can be a great way for kids to drink more water but still have a flavorful beverage during lunchtime.

Still, it would be nice for bubly to expand the minis to include lemon, lime or grapefruit. Personally, I love these flavors on their own, but they also make delicious mixers for drinks. A floater of lemon bubly to a freshly squeezed lemonade is delightful, but you don’t need a full 12 oz. can.

Maybe if PepsiCo finds that the minis are popular, they will look to expand the line beyond the first four launch flavor. Or, maybe bubly fans can share their preferences with the brand as well.

The new bubly minis (7.5. oz cans) are available now for a limited time. They retail for $5.49 per pack and will be on store shelves through 9/2. Also, a larger 24 can pack can be purchased online via Amazon, Boxed and Walmart. This larger offer is $13.99 and is available through 9/2 as well.

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What do you think of the new mini cans? Will you be buying a pack?