Derek Hough and Lay’s encourage everyone to find their moment to smile


A smile is simple, joyful and can brighten anyone’s day. Derek Hough and Lay’s are encouraging everyone to find those moments to smile.

Simply stated a smile is powerful. Derek Hough and Lay’s are encouraging everyone to speak volumes even without saying a word. Are you ready to spread some smiles?

Hough understands the power of a smile. As this year’s campaign spokesperson, Hough brought his own positivity to New York City as part of a Smiles Station. While the idea of this campaign is simple, the effect that it can have is profound.

During a recent phone conversation, Hough said that he believes that a smile is so powerful. He believes that a smile “not just from a sort of an emotional state but just like a physical state. It changes your chemistry in your body when you smile you know it lowers your stress levels are so much positive things that come from just the physicality of actually making a smile with your face.

Take a moment to reflect on that statement, how often do you automatically smile back when someone smiles at you? In an instant, you feel differently. In some ways, you can’t help but feel more positive and in turn, maybe you help make someone else feel positive as well.

To promote the power of a smile, America’s favorite potato chip brand is back with its “Smile” campaign. After last year’s success, the “smile” bags are back on store shelves.

With over 60 bags featuring 31 Everyday Smilers, these snacks are more than just a tasty treat. They tell a story, they inspire and they spread a little happiness even before you take the first bite.

As you walk down the snack aisle, you might wonder why there is a half of smile staring at you from that snack bag. The first glance might make you do a double take. Still, you smile. You just can’t help it.

That simple idea is what Lay’s and Hough are encouraging everyone to do, smile, just smile. Everyone is encouraged to share their smile as part of this program. Can you help Lay’s get to a million smiles?

FoodSided’s top snack taste tester, joined in the spreading the smile moment. (He went with double smiles, the bag and his own).

As a parent, the positivity that this campaign evokes is tremendous. When the negatives seem to interject every part of life, it is refreshing to see people focus on the good, the people who are making a change.

On each bag, there is a story about the Everyday Smilers. These inspirational stories serve as a testament that people can, do and will make a difference. Whether those actions are momentous or smaller scale, the impact is tremendous.

During my conversation with Hough, he said that he believes “the secret to living is giving.” Additionally he believes that giving “makes them feel fulfilled and makes them feel connected in a certain way. And I think that’s what we need more in this world, to be more connected to one another.”

Hough’s comments need to be heard and put into action. The lack of connection that people have today is disheartening. If this Smiles campaign get can people to interact, truly connect with someone in the moment and grow confidence, the success is much greater than the large donation to Operation Smile.

In some ways, that smile can be the small seed to gaining the confidence to be yourself, to stand tall and maybe even move to your own beat. After all, those self-conscious feelings were created.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JULY 23: Dancer, actor and singer Derek Hough kicks off the Lay’s Smiles campaign by unveiling the first-ever Smiles Station in Times Square, New York City, on July 23, 2019. The station dispenses Lay’s limited-edition bags to passerby featuring real people’s stories and smiles aimed at helping raise $1 million to Operation Smile. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Lay’s)

Since Hough is an amazing performer, he suggests that people find that freedom to be empowered to get up and moving. He said passionately to “dance like everybody’s watching, you should never feel ashamed or feel insecure about you know moving and dancing and just letting loose and just being free because it’s really about the freedom of movement.”

Hough gave a poignant example, “when you look at a toddler before they can walk before they can crawl you know you put music on and  their bodies they’re moving back and forth.”

“As we get older we almost had to unlearn dance you know we unlearn move because we get insecure because we’re self-conscious of what people are thinking about and they’re looking at us and was really at our core energy of what we wanted to we actually wanted just like let loose we want to move and that’s what I love.”

In a way, that willingness to be free to express yourself is part of this Lay’s Smiles program. Over time, people have unlearned that gesture of kindness, happiness and positivity. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a way for everyone to let loose and enjoy the moment before that moment has passed?

Just like the many stories on the back of each of these bags, Hough and Lay’s are providing the spark to spread positivity. Hough believes in using his platform for positivity and looking for ways to serve. More importantly, anyone can spread some goodness in even the smallest of ways.

The Lay’s Smiles Campaign bags can be found at various retailers. Everyone is encouraged to share their smiles by tagging #SmilewithLays in hopes to share a little positivity around the globe.

Derek Hough partnered with Lay’s on this campaign and FoodSided interviewed him through this campaign. Hough has a new single available, “Say it Now,” is a judge on World of Dance and is a best-selling author.

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Next time you are in the grocery aisle and see a bag of Lay’s Smiles consider grabbing a bag or more importantly, spread a smile with someone else in the aisle. Don’t let another moment slip away when something positive could make a difference.