Uber Eats is offering a White Castle Harold and Kumar order


Uber Eats is excited that White Castle is joining the app. Even more exciting, there is a Harold and Kumar order to kick off this partnership.

White Castle is coming to the Uber Eats app and that news have people craving a crave case even more. Just think about the possibilities of getting those tasty White Castle sliders delivered directly to your door.

Some people are very fanatical about those iconic sliders. The hilarious movie, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle was released 15 years ago and they were definitely fans of those sliders.

To celebrate the partnership and the 15th anniversary, Uber Eats is 1 million While Castle sliders. That number is quite impressive. In a way, it could be slider-palooza for everyone.

Now, there is a little wrinkle in the giveaway. The free sliders are a “sack of 10 original sliders.” When you place your order, you have to pick that option and use the promo code 1MILLIONSLIDERS.

Still, isn’t a free 10-pack better than just one slider? Can anyone really eat just one slider?

While free food always gets everyone attention, the more interesting offering the Harold & Kumar order. If you remember the movie, the order contained “30 sliders, 5 orders of French fries and 4 Cherry Cokes (the Harold) or Diet Cokes (the Kumar).

Although many people might have recreated this order on their own, Uber Eats is giving people a good reason to do it again. As part of the launch, for two days lonely, the Harold & Kumar order will be priced at $23.40. This price is the cost from back in 2004. After the first two days, the order goes back to current prices.

Uber Eats and White Castle partnership, photo provided by Uber Eats

A couple of things are interesting about this partnership. First, it is astonishing that White Castle didn’t have a delivery option in place. Since some people have a yearning for that crave case at unusual times, it seems that delivery should have been an option a long time ago.

With this new partnership, it will be interesting to see what types of orders are placed via this service. Let’s hope that people share some of their interesting stories.

Also, it is refreshing to think that Harold & Kumar is 15 years old. Who would have thought that little movie would have become a big part of pop culture.

The free 1 million White Castle sliders offer beings on July 30 and runs till the sliders are gone. The Harold & Kumar order will be available from July 30 through August 31.

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Are you excited about this Uber Eats and White Castle partnership? Do you have a funny White Castle story to share?