Show National Geographic Your Shot of your best culinary expedition


Gordon Ramsay Uncharted takes viewers on a culinary journey, but can National Geographic Your Shot inspire your own your culinary adventure?

Food and culture are forever linked. In Gordon Ramsay Uncharted, the Nat Geo culinary adventure show seeks to inspire foodies, explorers and everyone in between to discover how food is ingrained to a family, a home and a country. Food nourishes more than ways that people realize.

In many ways, this Gordon Ramsay show sparks a conservation. While not everyone will be able to travel to New Zealand, Morocco or some of the other exotic locales, this show is more than just travel inspiration. It is an invitation to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

For example, on your next trip why not consider a local food. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something extreme. It could be a fruit that is only available in that region or maybe a goat butter made by a local farmer. The idea is to be open to a new experience, even a new experience in your own backyard.

As part of the Nat Geo series, National Geographic Your Shot is encouraging fans to share their culinary adventures. This photographic collection celebrates everyone’s culinary expeditions, both near and far. It isn’t about winning a prize. More importantly, the Your Shot campaign is about sparking a conversation.

Take a moment to look at the National Geographic Channel Your Shot assignment page. As you can see from some of the submissions, it isn’t about the most exotic locale or the most extreme food. These images are about opening a door to a culinary exploration.

Personally, I have eaten my fair share of all types of foods, traveled many places and encouraged my family and friends to join in my journey. Yes, I have watched my son eat a caterpillar in a food hall in South Africa. (Sorry, Chef Ramsay but sometimes it is mind over matter.) I’ve learned how to cook shark after my son caught one. Often, the best meals have a story attached to them.

The point is to allow yourself to be part of the moment where food and culture meld. Sure, sometimes those “dare” foods are get the most attention. But, those quiet moments, as the sun fades under the horizon, the stars emerge in the sky and the animal noises cross the savannah, can make that glass of Chenin Blanc linger on your tongue just a little longer.

Then again, that same experience can happen in your own backyard. On that perfect summer afternoon with the sun high in the sky, that fresh watermelon can taste even sweeter because you see the pure enjoyment on your son’s face. Again, it isn’t how big the moment is, the point is that there is a moment that is shared.

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Are you ready to be inspired by National Geographic Your Shot? Be open to the adventure and embrace the conservation that it can spark.