The PSL is officially back, and we just want to make sure you’re OK


Starbucks store managers have confirmed the date of the PSL’s seasonal return, and we’re having difficulty breathing.

After months of waiting, speculation, and severe deprivation of all things pumpkin spice flavored, PSL enthusiasts across the country have finally been given the answer to the season’s most burning question:

When can I show up at my local Starbucks in my oversized hoodie and order the only seasonal drink that really matters?

No offense to the peppermint mochas and gingerbread lattes out there. You’re great. But you know what’s greater? Cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, et al. blended into an espresso drink and poured directly into our mouths. ASAP.

Not too long ago, no one realistically thought you could take the flavor of autumn’s best pie (fight me) and put it into a drink that not only delights but also CAFFEINATES you. But then it happened. And now it’s impossible to imagine a world without the PSL. It even has its own Twitter account. It’s the real deal.

What is it about this drink that’s making us hyperventilate into our giant sweatshirt sleeves? For so many of us, the PSL has become a symbol for the turning of the seasons. Whether you’re going back to school, shifting your work schedule, or folding up your beach towels for the last time, change can be rough. We all need a PSL to remind us some changes are wholesomely good.

Store managers have confirmed that you can officially order your first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year on August 27.

That’s just two weeks away. Our wallets are NOT prepared for this. But our hearts? They’ve been waiting all year for this.

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What’s your go-to PSL order — hot? Cold? Tall? Venti? Fantasize with us while we wait for the best day of the year to finally come around.