How will you be celebrating National Rum Day?


Cocktail hour is coming early because it is National Rum Day. Check out these fun ways to celebrate the libation made from sugarcane.

When you think of rum and rum cocktails, are you transported to a tropical getaway? With National Rum Day celebrated on August 16, the late summer food holiday is a perfect excuse to enjoy a cocktail, sip or even a dessert. Are you ready to indulge?

In some ways, rum can often be associated with pirates. The liquor’s connection to the Caribbean could have some people thinking of a tropical island. While grog might come to mind, the popular liquor can be much more than a colorful punch.

Often considered the third most popular liquor (vodka and whiskey are generally more popular), the libation is equally enjoyable in both a cocktail and neat. With many varieties and ages of rum, there is usually a drink that can appeal to almost any drinker.

Even if rum isn’t your signature drink, National Rum Day is a great reason to sip a cocktail or enjoy a rum flavored dessert, here is how FoodSided will be celebrating the food holiday.

Universal Orlando Resort

While you might not need a passport, a few locations at Universal Orlando Resort will have you feeling like you’re at a tropical island. Luckily there are several cocktails that will have you raising a glass to National Rum Day.

Fool’s Gold at Strong Water Tavern at Sapphire Falls, Universal Orlando, Photo by Cristine Struble

Both vacationers and Orlando locals should head to Strong Water Tavern at Sapphire Falls. The beverage menu includes house aged vintage and exotic rums. Whether you want to stay with a tropical feel or something more sophisticated, there is a cocktail for every palate.

Personally, the Fools Gold is a lovely choice. The combination of spiced rum and elderflower flavors are sophisticated yet still slightly tropical.

Of course, Volcano Bay offers several rum cocktails that offer that tropical getaway vibe. From the vibrant colors to the fruit forward flavors, that lazy river might have thinking you’re floating away to your own island getaway.

Haagen Dazs Rum Tres Leches Ice Cream

Just because it is National Rum Day doesn’t mean that you have to have a cocktail. The Haagen Dazs Spirits Collection has delicious Rum Tres Leches Ice Cream. While this dessert has all the rum flavor, you won’t be feeling too loopy after eating a bowl.

This ice cream has pieces of Tres Leches cake and dulce de leche swirled into the white rum infused ice cream. The little pieces of cake add to the deliciousness of this ice cream. Without being too sweet, this ice cream is a delicious adult dessert.

Brugal 1888 vacation inspired renovation

Rum can be associated with a relaxing, Caribbean vacation. Slowly rocking on the hammock under the palm trees is the vision of vacation bliss. Brugal 1888 wants to give that vacation oasis to your living room.

On National Rum Day, the Dominican Rum kicks off a contest that will give one lucky person $1,888 and a freestanding hammock, which resembles the netting on the 1888 Rum bottle. While this promotion is fun, the idea behind it is key.

In a way, opening a bottle of this rum is meant to transport you to that vacation oasis. Whether you are in the heart of the city or in the middle of farmland, a flavor can bring the feeling, a locale or even the spirit of the rum’s location.

To see how you could have your own vacation oasis in your home, check out Brugral 1888 Instagram page.

Shake up a daiquiri

While there are numerous rum-centric cocktails, the daiquiri is usually the most iconic. This classic cocktail is relatively simple to make. Generally, the cocktail is rum, a simple syrup and a citrus component.

Although many people think of the frozen varieties, learning the right ratio for a shaken daiquiri is a great skill. Just think about how you can impress your friends at your next gathering.

Restaurant Discounts

Some national chains will be celebrating National Rum Day. For example, Applebee’s drink of the month is the Mai Tai. At just a $1, it can be a fun way to mark the food holiday.

Also, Bahama Breeze is offering discounted rum cocktails. And for a very potent cocktail, head to TGI Friday’s for a Long Island Iced Tea, which has rum as an ingredient.

Channel the Captain

Why not celebrate National Rum Day with the Captain, Captain Morgan that is. Over the past couple of
years, everyone has been posing as their own captain with this rum.

One fun way to celebrate is with a Frozen Captain and Cola. It could be the perfect way to unwind after a long week.

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