Are you ready to celebrate Labor Day Weekend with Spindrift?


Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial end of summer, and while we’re sad to say goodbye, Spindrift is here to make saying goodbye a little sweeter.

Labor Day Weekend is a great time to gather your friends and family for one more summer BBQ. And Sprindrift — one of my favorite go to sparkling waters with real squeezed fruit — is always ready for a good time! Their drinks take the stress out of deciding what to include with your Labor Day BBQ, and they even have some stellar recipes to go alongside their already delicious drinks.

Plus, these cocktails are low calorie. Not into alcohol? Don’t worry, you can use Spindrift in your favorite mocktail recipe — or just enjoy it straight from the can like I do!

When it comes to Labor Day entertaining, simple, easy and flavorful beverages are always a good choice.  As more people are conscious about what they drink, hosts can feel better about serving this beverage option.

Instead of high calorie, high sugar options, Spindrift puts the focus back on flavor. The label spells out what you will get in every can. It is simple and easy.

Additionally, the party host needs to have a few beverages that can work with almost anything on the menu. Since this beverage is made with just a few ingredients, those flavors can pair well with almost any food on the menu.

These drinks pair perfectly with pulled chicken, pulled pork, grilled veggies, and just about anything else you may have at your BBQ.

Here are a few cocktails that all your guests will love at your next gathering.

Spindrift Shandy, photo courtesy Spindrift

"Spindrift ShandyIngredients•Beer of choice (we’ve used ales, lagers and hefs!)•Fresh lemon•Spindrift LemonDirections1 Squeeze lemon into glass2 Pour beer 3/4 full3 Top with Spindrift Lemon"

"Sparkling Strawberry Basil LemonadeIngredients•Lemon or Strawberry Spindrift•Half of a lemon•Strawberries•Fresh basil•2 tsp sugar (optional)•IceDirections1 Squeeze half a lemon, 8 sliced strawberries and 3 basil leaves (and sugar if you like) to the bottom of a glass. Muddle thoroughly2 Strain into 2 glasses over ice3 Top with Strawberry Spindrift or Lemon Spindrift4 Garnish each with a strawberry. Enjoy!"

You can check out the rest of the Spindrift recipe library here. I promise you’ll find something absolutely perfect for you!

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Have you tried any of the Spindrift cocktails? Maybe you’ve come up with a concoction of your own? Let us know in the comments below, and have a happy Labor Day Weekend!