Impossible burger craze hits the fast food circuit


The vegetarian movement is taking the world by storm. Why would we expect anything less from our favorite fast food chains to provide the new alternative?

I have practiced a vegetarian lifestyle for a little under two years now. During this time, I have noticed a lot of my favorite restaurants are offering more appealing “options.” Throughout my extensive travel I have learned that the Impossible Burger is making its way to fast food chains.

Normally, I am a french fries guy. It doesn’t matter what the occasion or the location, I am looking for an order either as a snack or a meal. At one point, I actually believed I created the Sunday funday meal of a large fry and medium chocolate frosty from Wendy’s. Fast food is not my usual first, second, or even tertiary option but when traveling you gotta do what is necessary for you and your budget.

One day, I was listening to the local radio station when I heard the “Impossible Burger” was offered at participating White Castle’s. Until this point, I had only experienced the “Beyond Meat” burgers. The option seemed appealing, as I am very fond of the White Castle fries.

The first time I experienced this unbelievable alternative option was in Chicago. The White Castle was right there on a busy corner and I just so happened to be stopped right in front due to traffic. I pulled in and ordered two from the  drive thru window for only $1.99 each. The employee informed me it would take a few extra minutes so he suggested I drive around the building one more time. The wait was worth it!

It only took one bite before I started to second guess it’s authenticity. There was no way this wasn’t beef, especially coming from a fast food joint. The second bite was more of the same. I questioned all things holy, thinking I broke my dietary habits with the fake impossible burger alternative. I had to go inside the restaurant to verify I got the right order. The worker assured me it was in fact the “Impossible Burger.” I was a believer.

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Now, if I have any travel for work or pleasure I make sure to stop at the neighborhood White Castle for an Impossible Burger and fries. It is quick, tasty and satisfies all my vegetarian needs without the typical fast food guilt.

Why not try your next impossible burger at your local White Castle or Burger King for a limited time?