Can you believe this state orders pumpkin spice the most?


As the first day of fall approaches, pumpkin spice has taken over menus everywhere. Still, the state that is most obsessed with all things pumpkin might be surprising.

Even though the Starbucks PSL came early this year, pumpkin spice foods are still going strong. From the morning latte to a bowl of ice cream, the warm, spicy fall flavor is everywhere. Since this obsession is only growing, can you guess which state is the most obsessed?

Grubhub is back with another study based on consumers’ orders. Through their extensive research, the company has found that California orders the most pumpkin spice foods. While the chilly fall weather might not have taken over the state, the fall flavors have.

It is interesting that California is keen on pumpkin spice. Usually the western state tends to feature some more trendy or forward thinking foods. Who knew that this favorite seasonal flavor is still trending?

Looking at other aspects of this study, the top pumpkin dishes are: “pumpkin spice pancake, pumpkin pie milkshake and pumpkin spiced cheesecake.” It seems like pumpkin and sweet go hand in hand.

In some ways, it is interesting that there were no savory pumpkin dishes breaking into the top orders. A pumpkin ravioli or even a pumpkin risotto can be quite tasty.

Even though savory foods didn’t make the list, the most interesting part of the consumers habits is the most popular purchase month. October is the top selling pumpkin spice food month. Even though everyone is jumping to get their first tastes in August, October is when the pumpkin flavor fever really hits.

While these findings are quite interesting, it only proves that this flavor is and will continue to be popular. Even though apple and maple try to make a run for top billing, the truth is that people are still obsessed with pumpkin.

Maybe one day, that gourd and its warm spices will be delegated back to just being a pie. But, it doesn’t seem likely any time soon.

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Are you still on the pumpkin spice bandwagon? What pumpkin-flavored food are you craving right now?