Libby’s New Fashioned Pumpkin Pie is the recipe you need to try


Sometimes a classic can get a tasty update. Libby’s New Fashioned Pumpkin Pie is an update to that classic pumpkin pie that you will want to try.

Libby’s New Fashioned Pumpkin Pie takes the classic recipe and gives it a little update. Without straying too far away from the classic, pumpkin pie fans will want to bake this new recipe at least once this season. Are you ready to turn on the oven?

The traditional holiday pumpkin pie has been a staple on many families’ holiday tables. Whether fully homemade or semi-homemade with a pre-made crust, the traditional pie is always a popular choice.

The original Libby’s pumpkin pie recipe goes back a long time. The recipe has appeared on the can’s labels back to 1950. While many people have modified the recipe throughout the years, the original has stood the test of time.

This year, Libby’s choose to update that classic recipe. This New Fashioned Pumpkin Pie is similar yet different from the original. The key difference is the NESTLÉ® CARNATION® Sweetened Condensed Milk. This ingredient brings a touch a sweetness and richness to the pumpkin pie.

Additionally, the added sweetened condensed milk can increase the richness of the pumpkin pie. By having another creamy ingredient, the texture should be quite smooth and luscious.

Since there are more people who are looking to reduce dairy consumption, Nestle Carnation does offer Carnation Almond Cooking Milk. While the flavor tends to be sweeter and the ratios can be slightly different, the ability to substitute ingredients is important for those people with different eating choices.

Looking at both of these recipes, it always seems curious that nutmeg or all spice is never included in these versions. While ginger, clove and cinnamon are key, the additional warmth of some other warm spices can be lovely in a pumpkin pie.

Lastly, a pumpkin pie isn’t complete without a topping. While many people put a touch of whipped cream or topping, that choice isn’t the only option. Personally, a candied pecan with some whipped topping can offer a nice contrast of texture with the pumpkin pie.

Whether you try the Libby’s New Fashioned Pumpkin Pie or the traditional pumpkin pie recipe from the 1950s, pumpkin pie is always a tasty choice. The biggest question on the table, is how many pies will you make this season?

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