Brunch just got better, Plated adds new brunch menus


What can make brunch even better? Plated added new brunch menus and now the weekend’s favorite meal the ultimate indulgence.

Brunch and weekends go hand in hand. Plated simplifies home cooking. With these new Plated’s brunch menus, the ultimate weekend meal got even better.

Over the years, brunch has become more than just that in between meal of breakfast and lunch. Whether it was watching Sex in the City or answering the call of the bottomless mimosa, brunch can be almost like “the” weekend event.

Although many people love this eating out event, sometimes you just want to lounge on the couch over the weekend. While delivery is an option, sometimes there is just something better about a freshly, home cooked meal. From the sense of the accomplishment to the taste, that meal just seems better than a meal straight from a takeout container.

Starting today, Plated has expanded to brunch. Many people love the convenience and simplicity of this service. Since the service is customized to your flavor preferences, the recipes will always be ones that appeal to the user.

From particular ingredients to meal preparation, the whole process is geared to a person’s preferences. Still, this service allows people to push themselves in small ways. Whether it is a new recipe that build on an old favorite or the ease to try a food trend, the home cook has the tools to be a better cook.

New brunch options from Plated, photo provided by Plated

Plated’s new brunch menu will have users excited to whip up some classic and forward thinking dishes. In some cases, these recipes can be on the table in around 30 minutes. Just think of the extra lounging time you will have over the weekend.

Some of the new brunch menu offerings will include “Tomato Basil Quiche, Apple-Oat Pancakes, Sweet Potato Cakes and Frico Fried Eggs.”

These proposed recipes blend the familiar with new. For example, the pancakes bring big flavor to the traditional brunch staple. From the sweetness of the apples to the hearty flavor of the oats, these pancakes might not need any syrup.

With the recipes having simple to follow directions, the home cook can create a chef-like dish from her own kitchen. Just think how she will impress her friends, her Instagram followers or herself.

The Plated kits cost around $9.95 per serving. That cost is much less than any brunch dish at a restaurant. In many cases, you can’t even get a mimosa for that cost.

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, these new brunch offerings can be delivered to your door. The new brunch menu could expand into other recipes after the brand launches this program.

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Are you brunch ready? Plated and its brunch menu is here and the weekend just looks even tastier.