A Little Taste of Heaven in Chicago


On a day off, I wanted to enjoy a good walk, tasty coffee, and a home cook meal. I found it all at A Taste of Heaven. This decision brightened up my day off.

I found everything I was looking for to start my day off at A Taste of Heaven cafe. This quaint neighborhood cafe brings the joy of the food experience and good coffee to every patron.

My experience was everything I wanted from friendly service to teamwork to delicious food. My new neighborhood of Andersonville (Chicago) has A Taste of Heaven for every visitor.

A good cafe offers a well-rounded experience that includes terrific service and down-home cooking. A Taste of Heaven takes things to another level offering food, pastries, tea and coffee drinks. It has a friendly seating area inside and a lovely outdoor area as well. This little cafe changes the dining experience for your morning expectations.

The menu is eclectic and unique, the daily specials solidified that sentiment. But I continued to peruse the menu for something I hadn’t seen before. I finally stumbled across an omelet offering I had never experienced, the Verde Omelet.

Taste of Heaven Chicago, photo by James Torres

This eggstraordinary dish is spinach, tomato, and provolone pocket smothered in pesto with parmesan shavings. On this morning, the pesto changed the game. This kitchen adds enough pesto to provide that basil goodness to each bite.

They added a warm biscuit to top off the meal. A good biscuit, warm butter, and any fruit preserve offer the element of dessert in the morning. It’s special. I just spent the last six years of my life in the South and I learned the importance of a good biscuit. This biscuit certainly made the cut.

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The biggest difference between a diner and a cafe is the coffee. In this case, heaven comes in the form La Colombe Coffee Roasters, located just down the street. I got a plain black iced coffee that was suitable for one of the final gorgeous days of my first Fall in Chicago. It was served in a mason jar with a handle, fitting my hipster delight.

It was such an accommodating experience. The window sill is filled with local papers and major newspapers for your liking. I enjoyed reading the day’s Chicago Tribune. When my appetite was satisfied I had the peace of mind to write in my journal. The entry of the day, my neighborhood experience.