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Oda Chicago offers delicious Mediterranean cuisine from tapas to a full food menu, great wine, and even better service. It is located off N. Clark St in Andersonville, a Northeast neighborhood in the city of Chicago.

My recent visit to Oda, Mediterranean food traditions, became an impromptu delight after my commuter ride through the city. On a chilly Fall evening following an all-day conference, I was in need of a bite to eat and a glass of wine. My heart was set on Oda, which means “room.”

This classy space offers a lounge that is the perfect meeting place for intimacy and/or parties alike with a full bar and couches. The family dining experience or date night opportunity can be had in the cozy dining space just on the other side.

This evening I chose seating at the bar and a French Bordeaux – Cabernet. The remnants of the French terroir are always present in every wine from this region. This was my intention on this particular evening. As I scanned the menu I remembered the red lentil soup was to die for, so of course, I ordered it again.

I had to ask about the process of this soup because the lentils are cooked to perfection. I learned the lentils are slowly simmered for just the right amount of time to produce this particular consistency. My own naivety thought the process included a form of puree. Either way, soup during this time of year is a necessity in the Midwest. This dish was just right for the occasion.

In addition, I ordered their dolma platter. It is extravagant to the eye with its combination of wrapped grape leaves, thinly sliced tomatoes, and whole olives. The aesthetics of this dish made me question whether to eat it or capture savory pictures of its perfection. I did both…

My experience was enhanced when a birthday reservation encouraged the staff to make sangria. I was the benefactor of this red wine concoction. My bartender shared her secret, what makes a good sangria was a hint of Maker’s Mark. It was the perfect balance of the wine, fruit, and a touch of bourbon. If that wasn’t enough, I was offered a taste of a terrific Georgian red wine.

It was unique and distinct to any wine I have ever had. I am by no means a connoisseur but I do enjoy worldly red wines. This dry red reminded me of a memorable offering from the Cotes de Rhone region. It was enjoyable and offered more to our shared conversation. My bartender explained the tasting notes as we discussed its familiarities. It was delicious and pleasant to my palate. If I wasn’t thinking of my first request, I would have enjoyed a second glass.

However, I am a creature of nature and I finished my evening with my original Bordeaux. We continued to discuss the music playing, the neighborhood, and the rest of the menu. I felt at home with the staff and they, in turn, welcomed me to the neighborhood.

One day I will return to attempt more than just the tapas. I look forward to my next visit so I can enjoy one of the several vegetarian options on the full menu.

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Oda is an eclectic neighborhood lounge with good eats and great conversations.