Harvey Nichols Cream Tea Is The Best Way To Avoid The London Rain!


Rain in London is all too common, but there are ways to avoid the downpour, while still having a uniquely British experience!

While I was visiting London last month, I made it a point to have tea in at least one high end place. On a particularly rainy Thursday, Harvey Nichols was the perfect place to take shelter from the storm.

The flagship store in Knightsbridge, London, is simply stunning. The fifth floor cafe is modern, sleek, and offers some truly unique and exquisite foods and drinks. But I wasn’t here for fancy caviar or rare whisky. I was there for tea.

I had initially gone in for their afternoon tea, but the kitchen was slammed with a party of 65 people who were also after the same thing I was. So instead I got cream tea, which came with three scones — two plain and one raisin — strawberry jam, salted caramel sauce, Cornish clotted cream, and of course tea. I opted for English Breakfast.

While I waited I enjoyed the scenery around me. To my left was the sit down restaurant, a Yo! Rotating Sushi Bar, and a very extensive food market took up the rest of the fifth floor. Needless to say, if you love food, this is one place you absolutely must visit while in London.

My tea came out first, followed by the scones. The presentation was muted but very lovely.

Harvey Nichols Cream Tea, photo provided by Lauren Sisselman

English Breakfast was exactly what I needed to warm myself up on that chilly day. The strong, robust flavor helped perk me up during my mid day slump. With the addition of cream and sugar, the bitterness was dulled and became almost sweet, but not overbearing.

The scones were excellent as well. The clotted cream and jam paired beautifully together, but the salted caramel sauce — while a nice addition — felt like overkill. But all in all this was an excellent meal or afternoon snack for one person. The single pot of tea was more than enough as well.

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If you’re not near London, don’t fret. You can recreate this meal with Harvey Nichols Must Have Tea, which can be delivered almost anywhere. Cheers!