Best Bites at Disney’s Festival of the Holidays are a globally inspired feast


The holiday season has taken over Disney Parks. The best bites at Disney’s Festival of the Holidays are a globally inspired feast that is steeped in tradition.

Family, friends and traditions are all part of the holiday season. The best bites at Disney’s Festival of the Holidays, celebrated at Disney’s California Adventure Park, bring together all those cultural celebrations in the best Disney way. While Disney magic is always special during the holiday season, this annual event is a lovely reminder to appreciate all holiday celebrations.

While the Disney Park is filled with all types of entertainment, the delicious, best bites at Disney’s Festival of the Holidays will have you thanking Mickey for the smorgasbord of tasty eating. The Festival Foods Marketplace offers a variety of season’s tasty bites. From comfort dishes to plant-based bites, there are so many choices that filling the Disney Festival of the Holidays Tasting Passport will be a breeze.

With so many choices, guests might want to purchase a Sip and Savor Pass. This pass offers eight food or non-alcoholic beverages from the various marketplaces. Are you ready to start eating?

Here a few of FoodSided’s recommendations for Best Bites at Disney’s Festival of the Holidays.

Shepherd’s Upside-down Pie (Plant-Based), Disney Festival of Holidays 2019 at Disney California Adventure Park, photo provided by Disney Parks

Shepherd’s Upside-down Pie (Plant-Based), Grandma’s Recipes Marketplace

As Disney continues to offer creative and tasty plant-based menu options, this dish will be a must try. The dish is a “Shepherd’s upside-down pie, curried cauliflower and chicken with black garlic.” The use of the black garlic is a great flavor addition.

Loaded Latkes, Smokejumpers

You don’t have to celebrate Hannukah to enjoy a tasty latke. These bites are a hearty bite that will keep you coming back for more.

Pork al Pastor Naan Taco, Merry Mashups

Global flavors have more commonality than differences. Blending Mexican and Indian ingredients makes this taco a delight.

Churros Yule Log, Disney Festival of Holidays 2019, photo provided by Disney Parks

Churros Yule Log, Merry Mashups

Any visit to a Disney Park requires a churro. This holiday dessert mashup puts together the churro flavor with the traditional yule log. If you are lucky, you could borrow this dessert idea for your holiday party.

Fried Turkey Slider, Winter Sliderland Marketplace

Why have a whole turkey dinner when you can have it all in one bite. The fried turkey slider offers all those classic holiday flavors in one bite. Plus, the cranberry sauce keeps the flavors bright and light.

Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Macaron (Gluten-Friendly), Making Spirits Bright Marketplace

A perfectly baked macaron is absolutely amazing. This holiday version tastes like a decadent hot cocoa with those melting marshmallows. Luckily these holiday flavors don’t require a snowy afternoon to enjoy them.

Grandmas recipes, Navidad Punch, Disney Festival of Holidays 2019, photo provided by Disney Parks

Navidad Punch (Non-Alcoholic), Grandma’s Recipes Marketplace

Doesn’t everyone deserve a festive beverage during the holiday. The little Mickey touches will make this beverage a favorite with all ages.

Legends Brewery, Cookies Galore Beer, Chocolate Cookie Milk Stout, Favorite Things Marketplace

Have you ever noticed that stout beer and chocolate is a perfect pairing? This adult beverage might make you feel like a little kid again, but it definitely packs a punch.

These dishes are just a few of the Best Bites at Disney’s Festival. From sweet to savory, guests might have to make several visits to enjoy them all.

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What are your favorite Disney holiday bites that you enjoy at Disney Parks?