Tres Comas Añejo Tequila makes its fabulous debut!


Looking for a new, unique tequila? Diageo and HBO’s Silicon Valley has exactly what you’re looking for!

Silicon Valley’s Russ Hanneman, the billionaire who claims to have put radio on the internet, knows a thing or two about three comas. After all, his bank account always has them. Hanneman himself is also extremely proud of his pet project;

"“Tres Comas is literally the best tequila on the market. I drink it, so that’s how you know,” shares Russ Hanneman, founder of Tres Comas. “I love it! I’ll buy a round for everyone! I can do that because I’m a billionaire. I’ll also buy everyone a safe ride home though, can’t let anything happen to my baby. And by my baby, I mean my precious and really expensive sportscar.”"

While Russ Hanneman may be a fictional character on television, this tequila is not! Fans of the hit television show can find the tequila on shelves nationwide.

For a mere $44.99, this is a small price to pay for what can only be described as decadent luxury. This limited edition tequila is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave, and then aged in American Oak barrels for over a year.

Tres Comas Añejo Tequila, Russ Fest, photo provided by Diageo

Tres Comas can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a variety of cocktail recipes. My own favorite, Russ Fest, is fairly easy to make and can be enjoyed any time.

"1.25 Oz Tres Comas Añejo Tequila.25 Oz Orange Liquer.25 Oz Royal Honey Syrup3 dashes Paychaud Bitters3 dashes Angostura BittersCombine the above into a mixing glass with ice and stir well. Garnish a coup glass with edible gold flakes on the rim, strain the mix in, and top with Champagne Brut."

This cocktail might be a little over the top, but who doesn’t love a little flair with a tasty tequila. It could be your next toast to the good life, right?

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Will you be indulging in this truly decadent tequila this season? Have a recipe of your own you want to share? Let us know in the comments below! Cheers!