Do you know the secret ingredient to making the best holiday cookies?


Making the best holiday cookies can be a festive, merry experience. With this secret ingredient, your next batch of cookies will taste like baking magic.

Are you looking to make the best holiday cookies? Grandma might have a traditional recipe; the Food Network Kitchen app might have many options; and there is the sneaky option of passing off store bought cookies as your own. Still, baking your own holiday cookies has become a time-honored tradition, but have you learned the easiest trick to the best tasting cookies you’ve ever baked?

Usually, one key ingredient in all cookie recipes is the same, butter. While amateur bakers might think that all butters are the same, the truth is not all butters are created equal. a great baking butter can and does make a difference in your cookies.

Butter affects the texture of a cookie. Given butter’s lower melting point, cookies made with butter tend to be crisper and sometimes thinner than cookies made with other fats. Putting aside the whole butter and temperature debate, there is another reason why butters matter.

The butterfat ratio in a butter makes a difference in how a cookie bakes as well as it tastes. Too little fat or too little fat can be the difference between cookie baking success and failure. Al this talk might sound more like science than baking. Still, these differences matter.

Many professional bakers turn to Plugrá as their preferred butter for baking. The perfect ratio of butterfat makes this butter optimal in cookies, cakes, pastries and numerous other recipes.

Plugrá is a European Style Butter. This designation means that the butter is churned longer, which allows for a higher butterfat content. This brand’s percentage is 82%, which tends to be perfect for baking.

Additionally, European Style Butter tends to have a richer flavor. Combining that flavor with the fat levels, pastries tend to be flakier and tastier.

For the home baker, many people don’t realize that quality ingredients really do matter. Choosing a premium ingredient can and does yield results.

Granted, Plugrá might not make you the Holiday Baking Champion or an expert cookie decorator. But, those holiday cookies will be amazingly tasty. In the end, people rave about the taste, and that is what matters.

Even mastering the Plugrá Best Shortbread Cookie recipe can set even the most novice baker on track to becoming a better baker.  With only a handful of quality ingredients, a delicious treat can be on the plate. Again, with no room to hide, a quality butter is key to baking success.

As holiday baking season begins, remember to choose your ingredients wisely. The secret to the best holiday cookies starts and ends with butter. This year, choose Plugrá. All your favorite pastry chefs have known this secret for a while, shouldn’t you take their advice?

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