Disney Springs and M&M’S experiential store will draw big crowds


Need another reason to visit Disney Springs? The M&M’s experiential store is moving to the Disney dining and shopping district.

Disney Springs is a huge Disney attraction for dining and shopping. Coming in 2020, the M&M’s experiential store will join the Disney’s destination. Will this new store become a must stop for all ages?

There are several M&M’s experiential stores in the U.S. and abroad. From New York City to Las Vegas, these stores draw big crowds who want to see and experience all the M&M’s fun.

Currently, M&M’s has a location in Orlando at the Florida Mall. Relocating to Disney Springs makes a clear and deliberate statement to both locals and Orlando visitors.

“Disney Springs is one of the most popular retail destinations in the country, making it the perfect location for our new M&M’S experiential store,” said Patrick McIntyre, Director of Global Retail at Mars Retail Group. “Guests will be fully immersed into an interactive chocolate experience that will create more moments and more smiles through the colorful fun of M&M’S.”

First, the Florida Mall does not draw as significant crowds as other shopping destinations. While the Crayola Experience might be fun for younger guests, the M&M’s experience won’t draw guests on its own. It needs other shopping, dining and experiences to draw in people. Florida Mall may not be offering that significant of a crowd.

Second, Disney Springs continues to grow as the crowds surge. While the NBA Experience might not have been the rousing success that people expected, the plethora of dining experiences draw huge crowds.

From celebrity chefs to Disney treats, the Disney dining and shopping destination can fill a whole day. By adding M&M’s to this line-up, there are a built-in guests that are perfect for this candy store demographic.

While an exact opening date was not announced, the store will open in 2020. The store will be located in the West Side of Disney Springs, closer to the Orange Parking garage.

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Will you make a special visit to Disney Springs to see the M&M’s store? What is your favorite spot in the Disney dining and shopping destination?