Shakshouka, a savory brunch recipe that will impress everyone at the table


Need a savory brunch recipe that is easy but always impresses? Shakshouka is a recipe that any home cook can master and will add to her brunch repertoire.

Are you familiar with Shakshouka? While many people think about omelets or Eggs Benedict as a savory brunch recipe, this particular recipe will impress everyone. Even though it is a quite a simple recipe, the flavors are delicious. Are you ready to make one?

While there are variations of this classic recipe, the concept is relatively simple. The Middle Eastern dish is basically poached eggs in a tomato sauce. Although the Italian version is often referred to as Eggs in Purgatory, this Middle Eastern twist has a slightly more flavorful twist.

Recently, Chef Richard Blais shared his version of Shakshouka with Morton Salt. Using Pink Himalayan Salt, this recipe is perfect for brunch, especially if the night before was a little over-indulgent.

Chef Blais shared his recipe on the Morton Salt website. The combination of spices, spinach, tomatoes and eggs is filling yet not overwhelming. A great option would be to serve it with some crusty bread.

One of the keys to this recipe is smart seasoning. Using the Morton Fine Himalayan Pink Salt ensures that the dish is properly seasoned.

Thinking about this savory brunch recipe, it can be customized in many ways. While this recipe is quite approachable, some home cooks might like to amp up the spice level.

One idea could be to substitute the sliced jalapeno with some hatch chile or chipotle peppers. Or, combine the jalapenos with some serranos for a little extra heat.

Another idea could be to swap out the feta for a different cheese. Any salty cheese could be used instead. By changing cheeses, it adds a non- Mediterranean spin.

Having a savory brunch recipe in your repertoire is always a great idea. While chicken and waffles, French toast or other sweet options have their place, savory recipes can be quite satisfying. Plus, given how easy this recipe is to make, anyone can master it.

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Next time you are looking for a savory brunch recipe, consider Shakshouka. Your guests don’t have to know how easy it is to make.