Want Cholula for life, you need to make a permanent statement

Get inked and you could get free Cholula for life, photo provided by Cholula
Get inked and you could get free Cholula for life, photo provided by Cholula /

For some people Cholula is life, but if you want a lifetime supply of the tasty hot sauce, you need to make a very permanent commitment.

Could you be the ultimate Cholula fan? For one person, the possibility of the delicious, Mexican hot sauce for life could entice them to make a very permanent statement of their hot sauce passion. Would you get inked for Cholula?

To kick off the new year, Cholula and Aaron Sanchez are offering fans a very unique, permanent experience. Sanchez, the award-winning restaurateur, MasterChef judge and tattoo enthusiast, is kicking off his partnership with the Mexican hot sauce in a big way. Are you ready to get tattooed with your hot sauce passion?

In honor of National Hot Sauce Day on January 22, Cholula, Aaron Sanchez and Daredevil Tattoo (where Sanchez is a part owner) will offer the passionate fans an opportunity to get a free tattoo in one of select, unique designs.

For fans who permanently choose to ink their love of their favorite hot sauce, they will be entered in a contest for free Cholula for life. If you are a passion fan, it could be a good trade off.

Many people have tattooed their favorite brands or foods before. Ed Sheerin has a bottle of Heinz Ketchup on his body. Many chefs have pictures of food on their bodies.

Other brands have done this type of promotion before. There are many people who are willing to get a free tattoo for the chance to win a prize. Just remember, tattoos are permanent.


If aren’t in New York City on National Hot Sauce Day, don’t fret. You can enter a contest via Instagram. It comes with a chance to meet Chef Sanchez and still get the tattoo.

While this promotion is a fun way to get fans excited about the Sanchez and Cholula partnership, foodies will look forward to the recipes that Chef Sanchez develops with the various hot sauces. Cholula’s distinct flavor offers a lot of recipe inspiration.

The combination of arbol and piquin peppers offers the heat that blends with the brand’s unique spices. While the spice is bold, the hot sauce has layers of flavors. While the original flavor is a classic, the other variations, like Sweet Habanero, offers the tang that many people crave.

Even if you aren’t willing to permanent make a statement about your love of the Mexican hot sauce, National Hot Sauce Day is a great time to explore some recipes. Even if you just add some hot sauce to your eggs at breakfast, don’t let the day go by without some type of hot sauce in at least one meal.

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Would you get inked for the possibility of Cholula for life? What is the craziest thing that you have done for your love of food?