We have the perfect drinks to celebrate anti-dry January with!

Angry Root, photo provided by Angry Orchard
Angry Root, photo provided by Angry Orchard /

Not interested in giving up alcohol for dry January? We get it! We have just the drinks for you to try this winter.

With winter rearing it’s cold head to most of the US, finding the right drink or cocktail to keep you warm is key! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite drinks that help me fight the cold — and help me dream of warmer days!

Angry Orchard Rosé is the perfect drink to make something new with this winter — such as the Angry Root! All you need is Angry Orchard Rosé, ginger syrup, Tumeric, fresh lemon juice, and your favorite  vodka or gin.

I’m more of a vodka gal myself, but I’ve tried this recipe both ways and found it to be delicious no matter what.

"Ingredients:5oz Angry Orchard Rosé.75oz Reál ginger syrup.75oz fresh lemon juice.75oz fresh orange juice1 lemon wedge1oz vodka or gin (optional) Method: Add ginger syrup, turmeric, orange and lemon juice. Then, cover with ice and shake. Add Angry Orchard Rosé. Strain over fresh ice. Garnish with lemon wedge."

Not into mixing your own drinks? Looking for something different? Truly Lemonade Hard Seltzer is just for you.

This delicious summer in a can comes in four refreshing flavors: Original, Strawberry Lemonade, Mango Lemonade, and Black Cherry Lemonade. I’ve been enjoying the Strawberry Lemonade this winter, it’s helping me cope with the bitter cold!

Last but not least, have you tried Samuel Adams Cold Snap yet? This beautiful beer boasts a lightened body and a crisp, white ale recipe.

Sam Adams has purposefully enhanced their signature blend of 10 exotic fruits, spices and florals, while also increasing the orange and vanilla for added brightness. This is the perfect winter brew!

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What are you drinking this winter to stay warm? Let us know in the comments below!