Pepsi wants to put a ring on it, a Pepsi Engagement Ring that is

Pepsi Engagement Ring made with Crystal Pepsi, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Engagement Ring made with Crystal Pepsi, photo provided by Pepsi /

Think that a Pepsi Engagement Ring is a figment of your imagination? This Valentine’s Day, Pepsi is going to give one fan a chance to put a ring on it.

Looking for the perfect way to make your love official? A Pepsi Engagement Ring is perfect for the unapologetic Pepsi fan. This real engagement ring will be the ultimate, unique expression of love. Are you ready to put a ring on it?

The perfect proposal can come in many forms. Some people look for a quiet moment over some roasted chicken and other people make extreme, over the top romantic gestures. Basically, that perfect proposal should reflect the couple.

If you think that a Pepsi Engagement Ring could be part of your perfect proposal, you could win this unique engagement right. From February 13 through March 6, people can tweet their proposal ideas to #PepsiProposal (and #Contest) for a change to win.

Now, Pepsi might not be flying you to the Seychelles or renting out Eiffel Tower for that most romantic moment, but they will provide the ring. And it is quite a ring.

The Pepsi Engagement Ring is quite impressive. It is 1/53 carat, lab-grown alternative diamond on a platinum band. More importantly, it is made with Crystal Pepsi.

To make this alternative diamond, the Crystal Pepsi was boiled down. Then, the carbon powder was mixed with a small piece of real diamond to create this lab grown, alternative diamond. Not only is the diamond unique, but it is a sustainable alternative.

More and more people are looking to make responsible choices. Sustainable products are taking over households. It is more than ditching the single use plastic straw or bringing the reusable bag. Any and every aspect to a person’s life can have a sustainable slant. While pop culture might bring this idea to mind, it is a growing trend.

This new promotion shows Pepsi’s unique approach to pop culture tie-ins. From the Pepsi Rose at BravoCon to the epic Super Bowl commercials, Pepsi understands that the beverage is more than just a refreshing drink. It brings people together in all types of ways.

It will be interesting to see all the fans who submit their ultimate Pepsi Proposal in this contest. The eventual winner will be announced on March 16, just in time for National Proposal Day.

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Is it time to put a ring on it? The Pepsi Engagement Ring could be the perfect way to say I love you forever.